KB story of faith (Episode 11)


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The episode starts with everyone looking on the two babies and are happy dadi says the duo are very beautiful see they are just opposite Dasi says yes u are right didi generally the son resembles his father but in this case the boy resembles pragya his eyes are same as her and they start matching their faces Pragya is sleeping as she is given a high dose of medicines Abhi asks to doc why she is unconscious yet doc ans there were some complications so we have given high dose to her not to worry she will gain consciousness in four or five hours Abhi says OK and goes to see her Dadi says we are leaving as we have to manage welcome preparation to welcome these two new members of our family Abhi nods The family leaves. Abhi sits near Pragya holding her hand and talks to her that look wake up fast or I will break ur chashma and then don’t cry and complaint me for this Just then the baby girl starts crying and Abhi tries to keep her calm as he does not know how to carry babies so he just tries to make her silent and says please keep silence my dear if your mother wakes up then she will definitely scolds me for make u cry but she does not stop crying meanwhile pragya wakes up and she sees Abhi struggling for make her daughter stop crying and says taunting Abhi that even she also don’t like if u will break her mothers chashma Abhi says so u was awake and smiles and gives the baby in pragya arms She quiets Abhi says I was trying from about 10 min but she doesnt stop crying but in your arms she stops crying in just seconds strange she says this is mother power and they both laughs Abhi says I am going to complete formalities and kises on her forehead and leaves Pragya sees him with smiling face Abhi and pragya comes back at home and everyone welcomes new member of family Everyone is happy to see them Purab and bulbul says di now we will not listen ur anger now because we are having two kids to accompany us by pulling abi and pragya legs everyone suggest to let her rest and abhi dadi plays with the babies .
Pragya is sleeping and Abhi brings the twins as they both also slept and let them sleep in their beds and carses pragys hair and sleeps keeping his head on pragya head.
Its namkaran function of the twins today and pundit ji suggest word A for girl and P for boy And dadi suggests names Abhigya for girl and prabhas for boy all agreed.

5 months later
Abhigya and Prabhas have started crawling and toddling and this is troubling Pragya because Abhi is busy for his concert and is out of India from 2 months and he’s about to come about 2 days later so she has to take care of the duo alone as purab and bulbul had transferred to America as per Purabs transfer dadi and dasi are not feeling well and the rest are busy in their work so she has to manage them alone and she is tired abhigya and prabhas are playing on the bed and pragya falls asleep just then prabhas start crawling and about to fall just then abhi enters and holds him and sees pragya sleeping then he takes abhigya and prabhas down in hall with him Dadi is sitting there along with dasi they both asks what happens why u bring them both down Abhi answers they were troubling their mother alot they have started their naughtiness Dadi laughs and says yes they will do so as we are not feeling well and u were also not here she have to take care them alone might’ve possible she is tired just then pragys awakes and gets panic when doesn’t find the duo there just then Abhi enters and pragys relaxed as the duo was with him pragys says when did you came abhi says just then when you was sleeping she smiles and takes Abhigya from his hands as the duo are slept They let them sleep and starts talking Abhi us lying in pragys lap and says I missed this lap so much fuggi she says then also u came so months later he says ufff this work is getting in between us she smiles and says u will never leave your childish talks just then prabhas starts crying g and abhi taunts that this boy can’t see his fathers happiness always comes in between u and me pragya stares him at and says why are u saying like that he loves her mother that’s why he s just jealous from u and they both starts playing with them after that abhigya also wakes up abhi and pragya starts singing lullaby for them abhi sings chaoro (from Mary com movie ) for prabhas and pragya sings chandniya for abhigya and they both falls asleep.

Precap:- Abigya and Prabhas have starts speaking and are talking with abhi

Twists;- Two years leap will be taken and Pragya comes to know about Raj being the frouder of company and raj tries to kill her.

Credit to: Surbhi

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    The story gng on a nice track yaar……plzzzzz Don’t trouble pragya Much more…….

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