KB story of faith (Episode 10)


Guys why am I getting less response have you boared from this ff ……………

The episodes starts with raj going to meet Aliya and asks when u got bailed from jail. and who given your bail???? Aliya says relax Raj Bhaiya relax my husband bailed me and shouts sweetheart pls come here The man comes and says what happen why are u shouting like a dumb Aliya says shut up I will see u later for this but now come and meet Raj Bhaiya is out there Raj is shocked after seeing that man and says you married to him Oh! God there was a trouble with a mental already and one more no no Aliyah says what are you murmuring Raj Bhaiya He says nothing and says if you was bailed then why didn’t you come home She says I will come but on right time I have heard that Pragya is Pregnant raj says yes and asks how do u know that she says I know every thing and says she is planning something big Abhishek Mehra is going to pay for his sins but let him make happiness with her wife and after that his world will be finished Aliya and her husband leaves Raj murmurs Husband and wife both are mental their children will be disastrous and leaves. ( I m not exposing Aliyah husband now it is for later)

At home Time is passing rapidly and its pragya’s godg bharai Dadi comes in and says u have to wear this sari and jewellery today she says yes and dadi leaves Pragya is getting ready Abhi comes in and starts staring pragya she notices him and asks what? He says someone is looking extremely beautiful today and says is it necessary to wear this much amount of jewellery she says dadi asked to wear it he irritates and says not again dadi she says should I call her Abhi goes and keeps hand on pragya mouth and makes her wear her head prop and then all jewellery and pragya smiles shyly and they leaves for godh bharai there pragya sits on the stage and everyone blesses her after that dance performances (celebration) starts and every one starts dancing Purab bulbul and abhi dances on tukur tukur pragya is happy seeing them all together The function ends and all leave to their home but Pragya is little bit sad because Sarla didn’t come there to bless her she didn’t forgiven her till now suddenly she sees someone is coming inside and singing chanda mere chanda tujhe kaise mai ye samjhau it is Darla she forgives her and all function ends happily.
two months later

Peagya is having labour pain everybody rushes to hospital and pragya is taken to labour room after some times doc comes out and says congratulations Mr Abhi both mother and child are fine u have one daughter and one son now all gets happy and rushes to see pragya and children.

Precap ;- Abhi is taking care of pragya and the namkaran function is to be held.

Credit to: Surbhi

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    Superb…….Keep gng….The story gng on a nice track……plzzzzz update it regularly…. .

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