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Random thoughts….

I am not saying that having random thoughts is bad but how will it help to improve our relationship? At first when I saw him I thought our relation will not work out but now I am only having the random thoughts that it will work out…

Does he think the same too? Or am I the only one day dreaming about it?

Abhi, Pragya u have entered my life like a breeze but what if it turns out to be a storm when u know about me? Is this necessary? I love to be with you! But what if it endangers your life? I cant bear to see if it affects you in any way!

Abhi and Pragya are confused about their random thoughts….They are random people with different thoughts and beliefs….but they have the same feelings for each other…

They are acting in front of others as if they are close to each other but the fact is that they are close to each other through their hearts…

When I am in trouble u can feel my pain and when u get hurt it gives an immense pain to me! Why is that so Pragya? If this is love then why we cant be together?

If you can save me every time then why cant you save my life from loneliness? Whenever u save me I feel that I belong to you and that’s y u are saving me! Do u feel that belonging? Do I belong to u Abhi?

Both belong to each other but will they accept that? Will their random thoughts unite them? Or will it make their lives even more complicated? Sometimes its better to express rather than having random thoughts….

I told u all previously that i will come up with random OS and i had this random thoughts idea!! Ya may be its so random now…I know i have stopped this without giving a proper conclusion, i will try to give that in my nxt update provided that my random thoughts can continue…

Bye for now from a random person called Maya….

Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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  1. Haha lol akka awesome??

    1. Glad that u find it awesome Saranya!

  2. superrrrrrrrrr Akka please come with some other os

    1. Haha sure no worries! will come up with some random OS. Btw Ur name is similar to my sister’s name!

  3. Hahaha……nice name…..”random thought”…..also both r in heavy confusion…..Dunno wen they r gonna get their ans….loved it di

    1. Tks for considering it as nice name…I also don’t know when they will get their ans…when they get it then i will tell u…haha. Glad that u loved it!!

  4. Plz continue i loved it

    1. Sure Monesha! when the random thoughts come to me to continue this…until then pls wait!

  5. Di , your writings r Awesome As Always !!
    And Will u accept this “RANDOM FAN” as your LIttle Sister????

    1. Y not Riya? ur request is accepted…glad that u find my writings awesome.

      1. Thank u so much Di…….
        LOVE U LOADS!!!!!!!

  6. Nice. Loved it.

    1. glad that u find it nice Bhoomi!

  7. Superbbbb

    1. Thanks Abhigya!

  8. Oh my god wat s tz yaar it make me mad to understand i read two times…

  9. ???? random thoughts of random writer! seriously I loved it! brilliantly brilliant!

  10. yaar just nw I askd u to become a poet but u lier u had already done tht work RANDOMLY with awesome random thoughts tht line y cant u save my life frm loneliness ont knw yyyyy I am vrry touched with tht line soooooo my IB I vil b waiting to get a conclusion fr their random thoughts in a stupendo fantabulously fantastic way just like URS b back soon with a bang dr

  11. Reshma Pradeep

    Random Thoughts…… PERFECT ONE………Loved it…….

  12. Hey suga superb… Waiting for ur cum back….

  13. Superb..yaar .Maya loved it

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