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Randoms thoughts solved!!

Abhi and Pragya were in the same room lost in their random thoughts…. He was lying on the bed….She was sitting on the couch drinking tea.

Is this even possible? She is so calm and composed and me, I am so loud in everything that I say…but she do enjoy it and I can see that from her face whenever she laughs at my jokes…Will she accept me even if she know that my life is at risk and it will also affect her?

Pragya looked at him and said to herself, No matter how much troubles u are in….no matter how much u try to run away from me….no matter how much u hide your feelings…but what really matters to me is that u are always with me like a shadow…

Abhi ” Fuggy! Why are u looking like that?” Pragya ” Why I cant look at you is it?” Abhi ” Not like that but I have to tell u something and when u are looking like this it is making it difficult for me to tell u!”

Pragya ” U want to tell me something?” Abhi ” Yes! U just turn that side so that I can tell u!”

She followed as what he said and was very curious to find out what he wanted to tell her. Abhi ” U know that I am having troubles from my enemies and they have been planning to kill me…I dont know what is the reason but what bothers me is that they even try to harm u! I cant bear to see if anything bad happens to u! I will definitely protect u but what if something happens to me? and then who will protect u? So I think it is better if we end our relation which would be good for u and me!”

Pragya turned around ” Do u think that I will let something bad happen to u? When u can protect me and save me everytime, then I can also do that! And one more thing when u are around nobody can harm me!”

Abhi ” What makes u to have this much of confidence in me?” Pragya ” It is not confidence but its my trust in u that u will never fail! I know everyone will face failures but u will not as whatever u doing is all for me and not for yourself! Ur selfless attempts will never fail and Do u think I am not noticing all this?”

Abhi was emotional that she was all the while noticing him in his attempts to protect her. Pragya went near him and said ” Pls don’t hide your feelings just because u are scared that u will lose me!” Abhi hugged her tightly and said ” So u are ready to face the challenges with me?” Pragya ” All my life I am facing challenges and if its now with u, then these challenges are just nothing!”

Abhi and Pragya’ s random thoughts on each other had paved the way for their readiness to face challenges…It may not be forever but what really matters is they are going to face it together, which means they will definitely overcome it with their powerful weapon called love!!!

May be its now so random on how I ended….if its confusing then I am extremely sorry…i myself dont know y i wrote in this way…completely turned crazy after my crazy study periods..and haan Saranya I am not having my exams now its actually my mid terms and practicals gg on…i just remembered abt ur reply…btw tks for the wishes… and ya Lakshmi i miss u and ur valuable comments too! Sure will come back with a twist in the ff….hope the twist will not twist all ur brains..Hope u all enjoy this OS if not,really sorry for wasting all ur precious time.


Credit to: Maya (Sugashini)

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    1. Thanks Shriti!?

  1. Hey suga this os is toooo good like u…. And all the very best for ur exams…
    Take care of u tooo dear…. And i am waiting for u, ur ff and the twist which u going to give……

    1. Thanks for the wishes and very glad that u are waiting for my ff and me! ???⚘⚘

  2. Haha superb akka???

    1. Thanks Saranya???

  3. Very nice da

    1. Glad that u find it very nice Rithu! ?

  4. Superbbbbbb….

    1. Tks Rose???

  5. Maya Di ! U r just Fabulous!!!!Yes u r right some ppl get confused reading it maybe it is their first time reading a work of yours ! But that’s ok they would get used to it ……..
    And why do u worry abt this there r other “CRAZY FAN” of Yours (DO NOT FORGET THAT I AM ONE OF THEM….) who would enjoy each and every writings of yours!!!But Hats Off Di ……For giving such a Random thought in your busy schedule…
    Take care……Hav a wonderful Week !! And Plz do update “will u be without me?” whenever u get time ! Love U Di!!

    1. So sweet of u Riya! ?? its a pleasure seeing your comment and just wait until next wk and then I can update my ff…its really tough now….Love u too Riya! ???

  6. Reshma Pradeep

    Extremely Beautiful……. Loved it……..

    1. Thanks Reshma for loving it???

  7. Awesome

    1. Tks Abhigya?

  8. It was super really it was awesome thanks for giving nice os as well as ff

    1. Glad that u find it awesome and its my pleasure in doing that so no need to thank me! ???

  9. Superb bt really confusing…

    1. Durga so sorry na? for making u confused but glad that u said superb too! ?

  10. omg drrrrr ur impossible in all the ways till nw I had adnitted u as my QOE but nw I declare it as my crazy fact tht I use to note down uuu know naaa but really hw can u make an graceful story with random thoughts yaar ur magic is splendid nd yaar each nd evry line is just ruling my emotions diz wat v call BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE ur unpredictable crazy yaar wat to tell nw I am nw collecting random words to tell my love to u bcoz all the normal words I knw I hv used it but nw I am also thinking in random way to propose uuu really ur a miracle fr me nd lv uuuuu fr tht loads of lv nd hugs nd yaar who said tht diz is nt understandable ani its Crystal clear after all my IB has written it y not??? wat say guys fr my diz question??

    1. Haha ok fine dr! U are also crazy like me in commenting..miracle? Just for this pls dont use huge words like that! Btw as always its u comments mesmerizes me so from now onwards I am gg to call u Mesmerizing Maahi!???☺

      1. Ur* comments

  11. Awesome

    1. Glad that u find it Awesome Sharaya!??

    1. Thank u cutiepie Achu!??

  12. ????????????????????????????????????????????????????? that’s all i have to say! seriously suga you are brilliantly brilliant!

    1. Haha ok secret! ???????

  13. Awesome os lovd it a lot sweetu missed u to the core dr really i felt bored n lonely without speakng with u n surbhi di really suga happy to see u aft a longtime dr n haan i miss ur ffs too n sweetu unakaga naan rendu good news vachiruken da first naan collegela inaiku dhan fees katitu vandhen so ippa college admission tensionla irundhu free agiten uff n second news ennaku un perla innoru frnd namma ff pagela kedachiruka theriyuma n ava peru suha[tina] haha avalum una mathiye nick name vachirukala suga [maya] n eppadi iruka da? Sari ovra tense agadha haan idha karthi kitayum sollidu k va n un medicines ellam ovr ayirukumnu nenaikuren so painla irundhu totala releive agitela? N “MISSING U A LOO………..T MY SWT FRND SWEETU” “LOVE U A LOO………………T TOO DR”

    1. All the best for ur college life! And ya medicines ellam mudinchitu but pain inaiku vanthichu theriyuma but its ok not tat bad…i think its gastric pain…ya i also feel very bored without talking to u! Oh so nice to hear that suha is also ur frnd…and hmm overa stress panikala aana naan time pinnadhi oddikuthu irruken…en face marithu en parents solluranga haha ennaku onnum appadi theriyala aana avangu thaan mathi mathi nee romba pavama irruke nu solluranga…atha kettu naan srikiratha illa azhugaratha nu theriyala….

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