KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 9)


Prags got freshen up n left to clg to attend rest of the classes bulbul too left to her clg

Screen shifts to dadi’s room purab narrated yesterday’s incident To dadi
She became angry n started to move towards abhi’s room

Screen shifts to abhi he was listening music when he heard a knock at the door
A: come in
Abhi saw dadi in anger he understood that she came to know about yesterday’s incident
A: dadi..vo..
D: shut up..who told u to drive like this if smthg had happened to u. U not even thought about me na what I’ll do if smthg happens to u
A: sry dadi…I won’t repeat it(he lowered his head)
Dadi came near him n said
D: don’t repeat it again
Saying this she left abhi’s room

Prags was returning from her clg she thought to meet abhi

Screen shifts to mm
Dadi n purab were talking when purab saw prags
Pu: di..u here at this time??
Pr: yaa..I came here to meet abhi
Pu: ohhh
Pragya saw dadi n took blessings from her she asked purab about abhi
Pu: he is in room
Pr: n where is his room
Purab said the direction n she went

Screen shifts to abhi’s room
Prags entered the room she didn’t found anyone she started searching for abhi. She found him he was in balcony she went.
Abhi was looking at sky when he felt someone’s presence he turned n found pragya their
A: not again yaaarrr dont do this to me yaarr after coming from hospital I’m just getting ur illusion n now to yaarr go away yaarr don’t Disturb me
Prags got confused she asked him
P: what happened to u what r u talking
Abhi (in his mind) : what she is real now what I’ll do
A:see I made u confuse na
P: what???? Acha leave it y u started walking on ur own doc had advised u to take rest n u r walking

A: arey nothing ll happen if I walk this small distance
Prags started to scold him for being careless but abhi was not listening to her what she is saying he was jst staring at her. He came back to sense when heard phone beeping. Prags was beeping she received the call
B: di…where r u ?? U said that u ll come to pick me
Pr: sry bulbul jst give me 2 mins I’ll be there
She ended the call
Pr: coz of u I forgot to pick bulbul
A: what???
Pr: nothing. Get well soon abhi
Saying this she left from there

Screen shifts to bulbul she was waiting for pragya. Prags came there
B:di…y r u late n how u forgot that u have to pick me today
P: sry bulbul
B: tell me where was u??
Prags started to drive
P: I went to meet abhi
B: ohhh…
Jst then bulbul got a msg from purab she started to chat with him

Screen shifts to abhi
He was still in thoughts he was thinking about pragya.
Pu:abhi yarrr where r u lost yarrr I’m calling u for past 10 mins
A: no where yarrr…
Purab got a call it was bulbuls call. He left from there .
Pu: yaa bulbul say
B: I think what we were thinking is right she is lost somewhere
Pu: he too our guess I right so we must do smthg
B: yaaa…

Screen freezes

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