KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 8)

Recap: purab informing prags about abhi

Pr:how is he now purab
Pu: di…he is fine doctor informed us

Screen shifts to abhi he is still unconscious prags went near abhi n sat beside him. After sometime he got conscious.prags helped him to sit
P: idiot who told u to do that? What is if u lose ur life in doing silly things.
Abhi was continuously smiling like an idiot
P: now y r u smiling when I’m scolding to u
A: sryyy…
At that time rabul entered
Pu: do the hell with ur sry I warned u not to do so but u did now see the result
A: arey yarr y r u scolding me like this Yarr
Pu: u know coz of u they came in mid night sarla aunty must be angry as they without informing her

B: arey she ll not get angry as before leaving we left a note
Pu: di bulbul sry I disturbed u guys now u can go yaarr sarla aunty must be waiting for u
Pr: okk purab we r leaving
Prags while leaving Mr.Abhishek Mehra if u repeat this again na…
A: okkk yarrr I ll not repeat.. now go
Pr: did u inform this to dadi
Pu: no di…but now I’ll do so he is not obeying me

Prags looked at abhi n said
Pr: what happened to him few mins back he was smiling like an idiot now he so tensed
Pu: yaaa di he is thinking about dadi’s reaction nothing else
Prabul left

Screen shifts to arora house
Sarla maa was waiting for prabul they arrived
S: pragya..is Abhi fine now??
P: yaa maa he is fine

Screen shifts to hospital purab was doing discharge formalities. Abhi n purab reached home abhi directly went to his room he was continuously thinking about pragya he asked to himself
A: y I’m thinking about her . is it coz I like her. Yes I like her as a frnd or I love her . love me tat too chashmish Abhi u r over thinking nothing else
At that time purab came
P: what r u thinking yarrr don’t think much yarrr u need rest doc had said to me that u need rest.

Screen shifts to pragya
P(in her mind): y I got so much panick shocked when I heard that abhi met with an accident. I was feeling like tat…
Her thought got disturbed by bulbul
B: what r u thinking di u didn’t freshen up till now maa is calling
P: u go I’ll come

Screen freezes on confused faces of abhigya

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