KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 6)

Let’s get into the story

A: so which award should I give to u both to make me scared like this
Pu: whichever award u think ll b suitable u can give
After purab’s answer abhi became more angry seeing this both purab n prags ran from there

Screen shifts to abhi
A: I think both had become mad
Saying this he went to change

Screen shifts to party
Purab n bulbul were arguing so let’s see what’s the reason

P: I’m telling u they ll not
B: I’m telling u na they ll
P: they ll not
B : they ll
They were arguing Sarla maa n dadi came there they asked them the reason for arguing like this
P: see na dadi I’m telling her that they ll not
B : I’m saying na they ll
Arey what is this they ll not n they ll wats the matter tell me
P: actually we were discussing whether abhi n pragya di ll dance together or not
D: for this u were arguing they ll dance
P: but dadi how can they
Dadi cuts off him n says I don’t want to argue with u saying this she left

Screen shifts to abhi he had dressed as shown in pic
He got ready n open the door

Screen shifts to prags she is coming to abhi’s room she too was about to open the door n get in bt before that abhi opened n they both fell down
When they fell down abhi was the one to shout but when he saw prags he got lost in her eyes they had an eyelock.

Screen shifts to rabul
B: so now dadi too supporting me so let’s see who ll win u or me
P: definitely I’ll win
Saying this he left she too went from there while going she collided with someone n juice got spill on her dress
Person: really sry
B: it’s okk it was my fault

Purab who saw this was laughing hard
Bulbul got angry she took a juice n threw on purab before purab say anything she left the place

Screen shifts to abhigya
They came back to sense when prags phone beeped . both got parted
A: sry I didn’t saw u
P: I too didn’t saw u
A: I think now we can go
P: let’s go

Screen shifts to bulbul she had change her dress
Screen shifts to purab he too had change his dress

Screen shifts to party
Bulbul came to party purab saw her n was mesmerized. Bulbul came near him snap infront of him
B: where r u lost
P: no where
B: then
P: u r looking good
B: thanks u too not bad

Screen shifts abhi saw prags n was mesmerized by her beauty he came back to sense when he heard someone calling
P: abhi I’m calling u from past 10 min
A: sry
P: its okk
A: y were u calling me before say anything first I’ll say thank u very much prags
P: thank u for what
A: actually what u said that came true
P: what I said n what came true say it directly abhi
A: u said that day that this album ll be a hit
P: ohhh for that u r saying thank u. It was not because of me whatever had happened its coz of ur talent n ur fans
A: so this time u listen to my new song
P: yaahhh y not it was awesome
A: so now I can think that u became my fan
P: no not at all I’ll be ur frnd not fan or AC
Abhi smiled

Purab n bulbul came there bt Sarla maa n dadi called them so they went

Screen shifts
B: maa dadi y u called me? I was about to ask him
D: y r u forcing them what is they don’t feel comfortable then
B: arey dadi
P: dadi me too saying her but she is not ready
D: yes purab u r saying rite I’m giving u responsibility b with her so that she don’t force then
P: whattt dadi this is not done
Sarla maa n dadi left
Bulbul seeing purab like that started to laugh

Screen shifts to abhigya
Abhi was watching couple dancing prags asked
P: u want to dance
A: no…when I said that I want to dance
P: but u was continuously watching them so I asked u
A: if I want too who ll dance with me
P: abhi…u r a rockstar
A: then what okk tell me ll u dance with me??
P: meee….
A: yaa u any problem no na then let’s go
They went n danced on bolna song(jst like they dance in Nikhil’s bday party)

Screen shifts
B: see I was saying na that they ll dance
P: but how n why where… I mean how come they r dancing
B: u had any problem with that
P: no I don’t have
B: then
P: arey stop u bak bak bulbul

Screen shifts to abhigya
Song ended but abhigya were lost
They came back to sense when all started to clap

Screen freezes

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