KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 5)

Sry guys for not uploading… I was not well these days now to I’m not well bt thought to post.here is a short update let’s get into the story

Recap: abhi got contract

Pu: congrats bro
A: thanks yaar dadi now I’m leaving they want to meet me . hai purab come let’s go
Pu: okk
They left

Screen shifts to purab and abhi in car
P: abhi when is recording
A: after 2 days
P: jst after 2 days
A: yaa…bt nothing is there to worry purab
P: Bt..
A: arey y r u so much worry u have to sing or I
P: u
A: then

Screen shifts to arora house
D: okk now I’m going
B: bt dadi how ll u go they had already gone with the car
D: arey haan
P: arey dadi y r u worried about that I’ll drop u
D: gud idea
They left

After 2 days
Today abhi had to go for recording he was getting ready when his phone beep the call was from an unknown no.
A: hello! Who is this??
P: u don’t know me ☹☹☹☹
A: r u prags
P:yaa I’m
A: how u got my no.
P: u don’t know when dadi n maa were making plan we use to discuss na what we have to do next at that time u gave me ur no. Buddhu
A: yaa…I remember… wait…wat u called me buddhu
P: yes.. Coz u r really a buddhu???
A: hey I’m telling u don’t call me buddhu else..
P: else what Mr rockstar okkk now enough of fight I call u to wish u ALL THE BEST for ur recording today
A: thanks bt prags don’t know I’m feeling smthg strange today I’m feeling that smthg is gonna happen today
P: I know what is gonna happen
A : prags u know then say na what gonna happen
P: ur this album is gonna super hit
A: really??
P: really it gonna happen buddhu
A: hey don’t call me buddhu OK now I’m going

Days passed album had released n as prags had said it was super hit album of abhi.

It was the same day
abhi had say to all that album was a hit.

@ night
When abhi was returning home he was very happy he thought to call prags as what she said had happened. He called her bt no response he tries several times but no response he thought that may b she is bzy. He reached mm
He entered mm it was dark he cannot c anything. Suddenly door got closed he got fear n started to shout
A: purab…..dadi….where r u
Now some strange kind so sound was heard by abhi now he got more feared
Suddenly light gets on
All shouted SURPRISE
A: what is this yarrr
Pr: surprise buddhu
A: for what
Pu: arey abhi di gave u right name that really suites u buddhu arey this is for ur success man
A: but we can arrange that party tomorrow na in a grand guys don’t be sad I was jst joking I really like the surprise bt there is one question
Pu: what question u have now abhi
A: whose idea was this
Pu: pragya Di’s idea
A: where is she now she was here na
Pu: she is in ur room
A: in my room
He started to leave
A: arey y r u standing like a statue enjoy the party I’m coming saying this he left
Pu : so guys let’s begin the party

Screen shifts to abhi’s room
Abhi opened the door
Lights were off in his room he on the lights suddenly he saw someone with a weird face he shouted
A: bhootttt
That someone removed the mask n started to laugh it was none other than prags she was laughing hard
A: idiot u was there I was so scared
P: ???? really yarr u r a buddhu I thought that u ll identify me BT no u r a buddhu
A: hey don’t call me as buddhu
Prags said him buddhu n started to run abhi started to run
Abhi caught bt then he lose his balance n both fall on bed
Both were lost in each other eyes bt not for a min too Yarr purab came n started to knock the door they came back to sense
Abhi opened the door
Pu: how much time yarrr come fast
A: coming yaarr
Pu: where is pragya di
Pr: I’m here purab
Pu: so di u scared him
Pr:yaaa… Purab it was fun
A: so u both were involve in this
Abhi made them stand together
A: so which award should I give to u both to make me scared like this
Pu: whichever award u think ll b suitable u can give
After purab’s answer abhi became more angry seeing this both purab n prags ran from there

Screen freezes

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