KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 4)

Let’s get into the story

Recap: abhi n prags became frnd

A: now we have become frnd’s na so don’t call me Mr.Rockstar call abhi
P:okk ll bt my name is not chashmish
A:then what is ur name ????
P: pragya
A: nice name bt chashmish suites u
A: hmm..
P:okk now I’m going byee
A: byee chashmish

Screen shifts to arora house
While dadi was explaining the plan to Sarla maa someone overhears bt they didn’t come to know that someone had overhear there plan
After explaining she was about to leave prags entered the house
P:dadi u here this time anything imp
D: both mother n daughter asked Me the same question.
P: so anything imp
D:no beta I just came here to meet sarla ji nothing else
P: oh

Screen shifts to abhi
Now also he was at the same place
Abhi to himself: y I think that I know her. N I’ve met her before too
Abhi’s thought got disturb by the beep of his mob
It was purab’s call
A: haan purab bolo
P: where r u bro come fast home
A:y dude what happened
P:arey u first come na then I’ll say
A:okk in coming

Screen shifts to prags room
B:di..u came
P:haan when dadi came
B:i too don’t know bt one thing I know
P:and what is that?
B:di…u know dadi n maa is making plan to make both of u to marry
P: what!!!!! What r u saying bulbul y they ll do so
B: how can I know about this they made the plan I didn’t make plan
P: point if they r doing so it ll be fun seeing then like that
B: di what r u thinking
P:don’t worry dear u ll come to know

Screen shifts to mm
D(in her mind): I’ll make them agree for this marriage soon

In abhi’s room
P:so u came
A:yah so what’s the matter y u called me in hurry
P: nothing bro just like that
A: what
P: Arey bro nothing is there means definitely smthg is there na
A: purab now jst say what u want or in going
P: sit I’ll tell u

A fb is shown
While returning from Sarla maa’s room
Bulbul heard beep of mob n saw it on table she receive the call . it was purab’s call
B: hey u r purab rite abhi jiju’s frnd
P:yaa… I’m abhi’s frnd bt when he became ur jiju n where is dadi
B:arey I’m pragya Di’s sis n dadi is talking with maa n one more thing
She narrated the plan

Fb ends

A: ooooo so this the reason u called me
P: yaaa
A:bt what’s the need to do this
P: don’t know yrrr her sis was saying that we 4 ll make plan n ll flop theirs
A: yaa bro we can ????

Days passed bt dadi n Sarla maa’s planning is not coming to end. Abhi n prags had become good frnd’s

One day dadi purab abhi came to arora house
S: namaste dadi
D:namaste Sarla ji we thought of meeting u people
A: dadi not we just u
D: okk I thought now u r happy

Screen shifts to prags room bulbul informed her that they had come
P: I think they have again came up with another plan
That time abhi n purab entered the room
A: yaaa prags u said it rite
Pra: u both here y u came here
A: arey dadi told me
Pr: oh
A: I think this should come to an end
Pu: what should come to an end
A: arey this planning of dadi n aunty
Pr: I too was thinking the same

Screen shifts to hall
Sarla maa n dadi were talking
D: Sarla ji did u notice one think every time our plan is getting flop bt how many times this question arrives in my mind bt I didn’t got any answer for this question
S: yaa dadi bt I didn’t notice
D: where this purab n bulbul r
S: let me call them
Sarla maa called them so they left from there

Screen shifts to prags room
P: what is this yarr now it’s too much
A: I think this also a part of there plan that’s y they called purab n bulbul
P: may be

Screen shifts to hall
D: Sarla ji I think we should check what if our plan again got flop then
Sarla maa agreed

They were coming towards prags room
Abhi n prags were talking on random topic when abhi saw Sarla maa n dadi coming towards the room prags didn’t notice this. Abhi got tensed that what to do they were coming nearer j nearer
Suddenly abhi got an idea
Abhi pulled prags hair
Prags shouted: oye idiot y u pulled my hair
He gesture her that sarla maa n dadi r looking
Prags thought it abhi’s plan
They thought of spoiling there plan again so they started their plan
Now prags pulled abhi’s hair he got angered then they start there Tom n Jerry fight

Screen shifts to dadi n Sarla maa they got tensed seeing abhigya fight

There fight become worse they started to throw pillow on each other

Screen shifts to purab n bulbul they were enjoying seeing dadi n Sarla maa tensed faces
Now it seems that really both had started fighting in real n they r not acting as both started to shout on each other somewhat louder than before hearing this purab n bulbul came running seeing the scenario they look at each other n thought they have really got involved in fight
Now the 4 for of them r tensed rabul tried to control then but in vain they were not ready to listen anyone
They become so tensed that they even didn’t notice what they were speaking
They were thinking what to do
When they heard abhigya laughing

They were laughing hard seeing there faces abhigya gave hi fi
The 4 of them were in shock that few seconds before they were fighting now what happened

At last abhigya made them understand there plan
Pu: so u both were not fighting that all was a plan
A: it was
Pu: it means u both r good at acting bt from when u both started to make plans that to together
A: arey the most imp thing u don’t know that we had become frnds
Purab: whattt!!! When!!!
Bulbul: where!!! N how!!!!
Abhigya narrated
Then abhigya said to dadi n Sarla maa not to make plans as they r not really interested in marriage now
Abhigya said them not to make plans like this anymore
They just nodded

Abhi got a phone call n he leave

When abhi came he came with a sad face ????
It was noticed by purab he asked him
Pu: what happened bro y r u sad
Pr: Abhi what happened to u y r u sad jst now u were now what happened
Abhi started to speak
A: purab u remember that music company which was not giving me contract
Pu: again they didn’t give the contract
A: what to say now yaarrr
Abhi started to say arey I’ve got the contract
Pu: what
A: really yaar I too was not believing
Pr: congrats Abhi

Screen freezes

So guys this is the forth part
Keep reading my ff n keep supporting me and imp thing keep commenting.

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