KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 3)

thank u guys for supporting me so such.lets get back to the story

recap:rabul suggesting sarla maa,RD,dadi to give some time to them.

@ night in mm

screen shifts to abhi he was in his room talking with someone that time purab entered the room
A:okk byee dear sleep now else u ll not wake up tommorow at time saying this he ended the call
P:abhi y did u end the call yrrr i thought of talking to her
A:purab dont behave like this yrr u can talk to her tommorow also na
P:yaaa i can bt
A:no ifs n bts now let me
sleep im feeling sleepy
P:hai abhi did u compose the music
A:yaa i’ve compose
P:how come u compose so quickly i’ve never saw u composing so quickly
A:arey yrrr lets talk about it tommorow
P:okkk gd

screen shifts to prags room
B di…what r u thinking???
B:if u r not thinking anything then y didnt u slept till now
P:arey bulbul now dont start ur investigation yrrrr i’ll tell maa not let u to watch CID always start to ask question like daya n abhijeet
B:di… u forgot the main character ACP
B: okkk di lets sleep

next morning
@ arora house
prags had already gone to her clg bulbul had went to meet her frnd

Screen shifts to mm
Abhi n purab where going somewhere dadi stopped them n asked that where r they going
A:dadi we r going to music company
Dadi stand there for sometime and then goes to her room

Its was evening time prags was returning from her clg she saw abhi passing by and thought that I’ve to apologize him . this is the rite time he is alone too I think.. saying this she started to follow him
A(in his mind): don’t know what imp work purab got at this time abhi thought for sometime n said yaa I should go there
Screen shifts to prags she was following abhi

Screen again shifts to Abhi he had reached that place he sat down there
Prags reached there n waited for some time n then she thought of going there
Abhi was lost in some thoughts his thought got disturbed by prags
A: who r u ??..what r u doing here???don’t say that u were following me…u r a trained agent that’s y I didn’t come to know that someone was following me…u r an agent I’m sure u came here to…wait I’ll call the police n he started to take out his mob.
P: listen to me first don’t call police I’m not an agent
(Guys abhi had not seen prags face as it had become dark)
Prags switch on her mob flashlight n show him that it was her he again started with his question
P: ll u plzz stop Mr ll u let me speak
A:speak na I’ve not lock ur mouth so speak what u want
P(in her mind): wat kind of person he is?? She got disturbed by abhi

screen shifts to arora house sarla maa was doing some work
there is knock on the door she went to open the door
S:dadi u here…i mean at this time anything imp
D: y the house so silent
S: actually pragya has not returned yet n bulbul is doing her work in room
D: ohhh
S:dadi wats the reason for coming in this time
D: actually I thought of smthg so thought to share with u actually its a plan
S: plan what plan
D: let me explain u
Dadi explained her full plan which was overhear by someone

Screen shifts to abhi n pragya
A: now where u have lost
P: actually I came here to say sry to u
actually that day when i got collided with u I was not in a good mood that’s y I spoke like that
Sry…it was my mistake
A: at last u come to know that it was ur mistake actually the next day I also should not talk with u like that so sry…
P: no don’t say sry actually first I only over reacted that’s y that all happened
Okkk now I’m leaving I’m late maa ll definitely scold me
She about to leave bt stopped when abhi called her
A: hai chashmish…can we become frnd’s
P: I’ll think n say
Abhi was about to get in his car when prags said: ya Mr. Rockstar we can become frnd’s.
Both smiled seeing each other

Screen freezes on smiling faces of abhi n pragya.
So guys who is the girl whom Abhi was talking??? What is dadi’s plan who overhears there plan???
Guys plzzzz comment n also drop ur views.

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