KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 2)

Hai guys I’m overwhelming seeing ur comments.Thanks for commenting on post. I didn’t thought of getting any comments bt u guys proved me wrong n thing that I wanna say is IT REALLY MEANS A LOTTT… Once again thank u for commenting.So getting into the story.

Recap: dadi saying to abhi not to make any excuses n he is going tommorow to girl’s house.

Screen shifts pragya is shown seems like she is going somewhere.
P: maa I’m going to meet my frnd
S: okkk beta go bt dont be late
Bulbul: di.. Can I also come with u
P: OK bt what ll u do coz I’ll be discussing about our studies
B: it really doesn’t matter di come di let’s go or u all b late
P: okkk bt I’ll drive the car
B: no di I’ll drive
P: no way bulbul
B: if u ll not let me to drive I’ll not come with u
P: u were willing to go not me so stay here I’m going
B: ok ok I’m coming
P: that’s like a good girl

Screen shifts to MM
A: purab let’s go out for sometime
P: okkk as u wish

Screen shifts to pragya n bulbul in car
B: di tommorow the groom is coming r u excited??
P: ??? by looking my face u r seeing kind of excitment in me I’m just seeing that person just for maa’s sake
B: di….now u r becoming older day by day so marry someone fast or we have to search a dadaji for u??
P: over… With ur nonsense talks
B: yaa

Screen shifts to abhi n purab in the car
P: Bhai r u sure u r coming tommorow
A: yah I’m sure or dadi ll scold me just like the last time.

A fb is shown
This time the girls family is coming to mm for meeting abhi
Abhi was not ready to meet anyone as he wants to go to his frnds bday party.
So they(abhi n purab) make a plan.
The girls family were on the way suddenly someone came in front of there car ya it was our abhi .He came near the car and said the person who is driving to come out of the car. A person came out n ask that y he come infront of the car if smthg had happened to him.
A: uncle u don’t know who I am
Person: I know who r u. We r coming to see u only
A: so u got it rite actually uncle I love a girl n she to loves we 2 want to marry bt before I could say anything to dadi i came to know that u r coming to my home for marriage proposal. Sir plzz don’t come to what is dadi says yes to this marriage uncle I can’t live without my love I love her alot I can’t live without her plzz uncle try to understand If I’ll marry ur daughter we both can’t be happy as I’ll not love her plzz uncle. Abhi emotionally blackmailed him & seeing the person it’s like he’ll cry.The person is very emotional one n he got trap in abhi’s plan after then he came home after attending his frnd’s party.Dadi comes to know about his plan n he got scolded badly by dadi
Fb ended

P: ???? bt I really enjoyed when u were acting in front of that uncle
A: achaa.. Now get down we have reached our fav coffee shop.

Screen shifts to prabul
They have met pragya’s frnd n were about to leave (guys after meeting with her frnd prabul went to the coffee shop).While leaving pragya was bzy seeing some papers so she collided with abhi. All the papers which pragya had placed serial wise got mixed up
A: sryyy coz of me all this happened once again sry
Pr: wat sry keep ur sry with u bcoz of u all this happened
A: arey I’m agreeing na that coz of me all this happened than y r u talking like this.
They started there fight. After alot of effort of rabul they stopped fighting
They both started to go in opposite direction.

Next day
It was the day(sunday) when pragya use to sleep till 10-11 bt today the boy’s family is coming @11 so she had to wake up early.
B:di wake up its already 9:40 wake up fast they ll come @ 11 wake up fasttt…
P(sleepy tone): bulbul my sweet sissy plz let me sleep for some more time plzzzz
B: o common di today jiju is coming to c u wake up n be ready so that just…Bulbul was about to say smthg when pragya woke up started to beat her with the pillow as she got very much irk by the word jiju after there pakdam pakdai got over pragya went to freshen up

Screen shifts to mm
A boy is shown sleeping peacefully dadi came n started to wake him up bt he did not wake up at that time purab came dadi gave him the responsibility to wake him up purab tried to wake him up bt he was sleeping like a kumbakaran so he thought smthg n passed a smile .He poured water on abhi n abhi woke up shouting at purab that if he is his frnd or enemy after that he went to freshen up
Time passed
Abhi n family had reached pragya’s home bt abhi got a call n he said them to go n he ll come
Screen shifts in prags house
Pragya was bzy in doing her some work in her lappy (bulbul n pragya r in same room) sarla maa called bulbul as they had come at that time abhi also entered in the house bulbul saw him n got shock n pragya was also coming in the same direction talking in mob. Purab saw her n got shocked.

Screen shifts to purab who was in shock abhi shook him n asked what happened he nodded in no
Now it’s the time of our doctor prags to make a entry she came with bulbul and she sat beside sarla maa (till Now pragya has not seen abhi’s face n abhi too not seen prags face). Dadi asked prags a question and she was about to answer see saw abhi there she shouted YOU… WHAT R U DOING HERE ?? Abhi saw her and said the same.
Dadi asked them if they know each other. Both nodded in yes.
P: maa he is the one whom I got collided with coz of him my assignment got mixed up idiot fellow
A: ohh hello! I have said sry for that then y r u saying as if I have done a crime
P: what if I say yes then u ll agree that u have done a crime
A: y should I agree upon u who r u
This fight of abhi n pragya saw now turning into a big one n all r shock seeing abhi n prags like that. After someone when the see that all r looking to them they stopped fighting.
Dadi: wat r u both doing abhi is this a way to talk with a girl
A: arey dadi first she started dadi
Dadi: how come u both know each other??
Abhi narrated the whole incident
Sarla maa , dadi n RD was in shock that they r very good at fighting
D: abhi she is the girl ( pointing toward prags) whom u r going to marry
Before abhi could say smthg prags said is it true maa he is that boy
Sarla ma nodded in yes
A: dadi if she is that girl I’m not going to marry her and started to leave
P: I’m also not dying to marry u idiot
And they both left from there making rest to them in shock.

Screen shifts to abhi he was standing near his car
A( in his mind): who the hell she is?she is rejecting abhi the rockstar
Screen shifts to pragya in her room
P( in her mind) : what he is thinking of himself that he is a rockstar n can do anything bt I’m also a future doctor.
Screen shifts to the hall were all were sitting as Sarla ma n dadi has already decided to get abhigya married bt now the groom n bride r not ready so rabul suggested them to give some time to them.
Screen freezes.

So guys this is the second part. Hope u guys ll like it . plzz give ur views on this story so tat I can improve my story. Do comment if u like it n aslo give me some ideas to improve the story.

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