KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 18)

Next day,
As usual abhigya met each other at same place
P: see abhi today I came at right time
A: for the first time ?
P: oye..chup…OK tell me whose that girl
A: which girl ?
P: the same girl for whom yesterday u were singing the song
A: arey..no one
P: yesterday u said someone today u r saying no one.how is possible
Abhi got a call regarding his songs so he said pragya n left from there after that she too left

In arora house
In prabul room
B: di..Yarr when u gonna propose jiju
P:bulbul r u talking with me
B: no di..who said I was talking to u I was talking with this window ,door,this photo frame idiot… U n me r only in this room then I’ll talk to u only na
P: ohhh??
B: now.say when you gonna propose him
P: who??
B: di…u can’t make excuses just say na di…OK u don’t know na whom I’m talking
Bulbul then takes pic that was on table n shows to pragya n said this is the boy u r in love n I’m asking u that when u r going to propose him now got cleared with ur doubts
P: ohhh…him y should I say this to u
B: di..tumse puch na time waste hai rehne do di..

In abhi’s room
A: purab when is the recording of that song
P: it’s not yet fix I’ll ask them n inform u A: okk
P: sorry yaarr coz of my phone call u canceled ur plan sorry Yarr
A: which plan purab??
P: ur plan Yarr…ur plan of proposing di…
A: who said that i was going to propose her
P: thats the problem Yarr u r not proposing her…few days back u was planning to propose her but see now u r not even bothering about that matter
A: who said that I’m not bother about that matter I’m just waiting for the right time
P: finee. …u just wait for right time till then someone else will propose her
A: oye what u said just now
P: no nothing

Screen shifts to pragya
Bulbul had already slept but pragya was lost somewhere
Pragya to her self:
I think bulbul is right i should propose him but what if she does not have the same feeling what I have for him..

Screen shifts to abhi
He too was thinking the same when suddenly he jump from his bed n said YESS…then he realized that all must be sleeping again he recall the thing n then said yes…I’ll surely do this.

Next day,
As usual abhigya met each other in evening but their was a bit change in abhi’s behavior let see what is happening
Abhi n pragya both were present their n were talking on random topics but abhi’s mind was not on the talk but in msgs that he was getting coz of this pragya became irk n asked him, “with him whom u r talking I’m talking with u but u r bzy messaging someone…Yarr u never did this before…or any important message from purab??
A: nothing like that
P: then let me see with whom u r chatting
pragya snatched mobile from him n saw the name
P: what kind of name is this n who is she???
A: whatt?
Pragya show me the name he said ” Fuggi” oh shee
A: she is fuggi
P: y r u talking with her now
A: arey u was just replying to her message nothing else
P:leave that first tell me what kind of name is this
A: this is not her real name this is the name I’d kept for her FUGGI n u know y I’ve. Kept this name as whenever she become angry she looks like a balloon so kept this name
P: ohhh but who is she
A: She is….my….
P: tell faster Yarr
A: she is my girlfriend
P: what!!?? But u never said me that u had a girlfriend
A: I was thinking of telling u…
P: u was thinking to tell me right after ur marriage right
A: no Yarr
She started to chase him
After few mins as they got tired they stopped
A: u run so fast like a wild cat
P: what u said say it again
She again started to chase him finally both end their game of chasing
P:abhi u have changed alot u started to hide things from me na…
A: hadd hai Yarr

Days passed but abhi’s habit was same. Now whenever abhi talk with pragya he always starts to talk about his fuggi which makes pragya irked
Today also he is doing the same let see
A: u know pragya when I first met with her I didn’t like her but as days passed I fell in love with her when where how I too don’t know u know pragya she is so beautiful, cute n he was continuously praising her which made pragya irked as well as angry she was not angry coz he is praising fuggi but she was angry bcoz he was comparing her with fuggi n was telling her to learn smthg from his fuggi
Pragya without saying anything left from there.

Next day
Abhi was at mall he was talking with purab. Abhi was praising his fuggi n was saying that how beautiful she is n then started to compare with pragya that time pragya was passing from there she again heard about that n was irritated she warned abhi
P: I agree that ur fuggi is beautiful but y r u dragging me in all this if u wanna praise her praise but don’t compare me with her n now by this much of ur praising I really wanna meet her
A: really if u wanna meet her then come to same place where we all were few weeks back
P: I’ll definitely come

Episode ends
I really don’t know what I’ve written just wrote whatever came in my mind. Sry I know many mistakes ll be there. Hope its not boring. Thank you for ur comments guys sry I didn’t replied to ur comment I didn’t got time that’s y. Do comment guysssss….

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