KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 15 & 16)

Screen shifts to purab n bulbul they were about to left from the cafe when purab gets a call. It was from an unknown no.
P(in his mind): I think I’ve saw this no. Before then he remember that it was the same no. From which abhi got call he received the call
Person: hello Purab don’t u dare to interfere in my n abhis matter u ll be in trouble…
The call ended

Next day
Pragya got discharge from hospital but she didn’t went back to home as they don’t want sarla maa to know about this. So they made a plan

Screen shifts to arora house
B: maa where r u ?????????
SM: what happened
B : actually I want to inform u one thing that di ll be out of station for few days
SM: but y she is going n where is she???
B: maa…vo…hann…vo..she was in clg yesterday n then this plan came of going…so only n now I’m here to take her stuffs…saying this she went to room n packed her bag n left

Screen shifts to abhi purab n pragya
They were waiting for bulbul few distance away from house as she came they left

In car
A: so what all lies u told u aunty
B:oye….what do u mean? This was all ur plan
A: okok now don’t become angry
Pu:yah…because if she become angry na she ll look like angry bird
Abhi saw bulbul ‘s reaction through mirror he said to purab,RIP bro…
Then he noticed bulbul then they started with their fight.
Pr: stopp it Yarr how much u both ll fight
They reached the place,house where they thought to stay these days

Screen shifts to the house
A: listen..1st ll do the most imp.thing we’ll let pragya to rest
Both of them agreed n does the same after that bulbul was with pragya n abhirab left from the house for some work (security ppl where present their for their protection)

Abhirab in. Car
A: purab what u think who might be this person??
P: don’t know yaar but it’s sure that he knows us n we too know him but who will do this thing
A: really I’ve know idea who might have done this. If I find him na surely I’ll kill him how dare he did this ??
Abhi got a call. Call was from the same number abhi received the call
Person: searching me..but its not so easy so I’m thinking to make it easy.. if I kidnapped both the girls then…
A: don’t u dare to do such thing already u have create a this mess who r u jst say na. U said I’ve done something wrong to u okk I agree this for a min then also y u harm to innocent person who even not related to the matter u talking about then y u did this to her
Person: ohhh God this much questions So let me tell u that the girl u r talking about is related to this matter as she is related to u.
A: whoever u r plz tell me who u r??
Person: before i tell u who l am let me tell u that both the girls are with me
A: what?? Now y u doing this she had jst…
Person: arey…I know that she was in this condition that condition y r u doing this to her but. .but I’ve kept her here with all the facilities so don’t worry n u wanna know na where I am…I’m in the same place where u have kept them n one more thing don’t act smart n all the police else u ll jst get the dead bodies
He ended the call

P: what happened bro
Abhi told him the whole conversation with the person.
P: abhi u Think we should Inform the.police
A:purab r u mad he had said not to inform police else he ll kill them
They reached

Screen shifts to house
Person: so u came…so fast. .
Person’s face is not Seen
A: now its enough….tell me who r u ???
Person:calm down mister Mehra u ll come to know u Want to know about me na so listen then u ll come to know y I’ve.done all that to ur gf
Abhi u remember ur clg gang ….their was girl name tanushree whom we commonly called tanu…
A: yaaa…I remember but y u r telling me all this n how u know my frnd’s
Person: wait Yarr. .y r u so eager I’ll tell u…so I was talking about tanu the same girl who love u a lot she was madly in love with u n one day the last day of our clg finally she proposed u but what u did u rejected her she was so hurt…n u know what she did after ur rejection she committed suicide….
A: whattttttt!!!!???? She….committed suicide…but one thing I didn’t understand y r u telling me this
Person:let me complete mister

Tanu was one who loved u but their was one more person who loved tanu but coz of u he losed her jst coz of u. U r the reason that she is not alive…. N the person was nikhil may u remember him u treat him like ur brother na..it best friend Nikhil….n I’m the same person standing infront of u…I’m Nikhil n that’s the reason I’ve done all this
( in mid of abhi n nikhils convo prabul where called their they didn’t heard their convo much)
A: nikhil..if this was reason at that time itself I would have done smthg to get ur love y u hid this thing from me I was ur best friend na then y u didn’t told me
N:now don’t talk all this non sense now.ur this talk bring her back but the only thing I can do is I can take revenge from u by killing her saying this pointed the gun towards pragya

A: nikhil what r u doing Yarr …h had enemity with me then shoot me na y r u targeting her plz leave her
N: don’t talk all this rubbish as soon as he completed hw turned towards pragya they heard gun shot all were shock excluding purab as he had called.the police n they r the one who had shoot Nikhil in his hand
A: police??? Here??? But …how???
Pu: I called them here
Police came near to them Nikhil was their standing holding his hand where the police had shot him
A: took him away he is the culprit
Pr: abhi don’t do ask them to take him his.real place is not in jail but in hospital since the time he had came here he is jst talking about that girl who died n I think the fact of the girl…death he is not able to accept n still he is in the shock according to punishing him ll not be just for him he should get treatment may in future he may over come that incident
Pu: I think u r rite di…
A: I too agree
Then they took Nikhil to hospital n admitted him there
That day ended
Next day,
In abhirab room
Pu: abhi ur plan again got flop n now I think u had to wait till di get well
A: no problem Yarr I’ll wait…see till yesterday I was so tensed that who must have done this but then the person was Nikhil seriously Yarr I didn’t that thought that she must have done this I thought that she isn’t talking with me as I didn’t accept her proposal but here the story is different

Pu:I think we should not talk much about this topic again n again
A: yaaa…u r rite come let’s see if both the girls had woken up
Pu: okk

Screen shifts to prabul room
Pragya was sleeping n bulbul was busy using her mobile
A: Hii …what u both r doing??? Pragya is still sleeping what happened is okk or not??
B: don’t worry she is okk she was not feeling well after all that happen may be that’s y
A: okkk no problem but tell me what are u doing busy using Mobile
B: nothing jst chatting with friends
A: n that friend is purab rite

B: haan how u come to know
After saying she realize what she said
A: what vo .vo u can directly talk to him u can go n talk to him I don’t have any problem
They left from the room

Screen shifts to abhi
A: oye pragya till now u r sleeping here I’m dying to talk with u r sleeping like kumbakaran….very bad….I want to wake u up but u r looking so cute while sleeping how can I distrib u yarr …get well soon yarrr…

Screen freezes.

Thank you for ur comments guys….uy really mean a lot to me …thank u very much for ur support… Hope u like today’s epi…I think today epi is somewhat lengthy from previous one but I’ve combined two epis…plz comment guys…n hope u all enjoy new year….

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