KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 14)


Abhi was in shock n was angry too but not with that person but with himself as he was reason for pragya’s this condition. He was thinking about the person n was remembering his words “u have to pay” n all his words were echoing in his ears. Abhi was trying hard to remember that who might be that person. Finally when he didn’t hot any clue he jst called purab n asked him to come to hospital
Pu: hospital???y???
A: bro jst come here I’ll tell u all
Purab agreed.

Screen shifts to purab
He was tensed as what would have happen that abhi called him to hospital as it was spl day of abhi what must have happen n how??? With all these questions in his mind he left

Screen shifts to abhi he was lost in thoughts he was thinking about pragya that how they met first in cafe…their fighting…n the next day’s incident when he came to See her ….n how they become frnd’s n how he unknowingly fell in love… N hw he was thinking to tell pragya about his love…he was remembering the time spend with her…n how they use to meet each other everyday in evening… He was lost in this thoughts.
He came back to sense when purab shook him
Pu: abhi what happened tell me clearly
Abhi narrated the whole incident abhi shows the no. From which he had got call. Purab ask him not.to take worry. Purab asked abhi if he had informed her family. Abhi nods in no
Pu: y didn’t u informed them what if they come to know from some other person what they ll think about us Abhi
A: no I can’t… I can’t risk…
Pu: what is the risk here
A: purab..once pragya had told me that if aunty heard smthg that is shocking it directly affects her health so can’t do this n think we should jst inform bulbul n asked her not to tell this to aunty
Purab agreed.
Pu: how is di abhi ??
A: don’t know purab
Pu: don’t worry abhi she ll be fine u jst do 1 thing be with her…
A: n what about that person who did all this I wont leave him
Pu: I’m not saying u to leave him but for now be with di she needs u…n don’t worry about that person I’ll definitely find him ..saying this he was about to leave when abhi called him
A: wait purab…I remember the person said that I’ve done smthg to him n that’s y he had done this. This means anyone in our family can be his next target…not jst our but pragya family too purab their should be full security in both the houses
Pu: okkk now I’m leaving n I’ll inform bulbul about this saying this he left

Screen shifts to purab n bulbul they were in cafe
B: purab y u called me ?? Is there any problem?
Pu: vo… Actually I called… U to say that….
B: what happened purab is everything okk??
Finally purab speaks
Pu: nothing is okk bulbul…then he narrated the incident…
Bulbul was shock tears rolled down purab too was in tears…. After that bulbul was the first one to got recover from that she said
B: purab don’t worry we both will find who is that person
Purab listening to this felt somewhat okk as when bulbul is not bother that much as she knows that nothing ll happen to her di
P: I’m happy that u too are brave
B: credit goes to di not me

Screen shifts to hospital
Doctor came out of OT abhi rushed towards the him
A: doctor how is she now?? Is she OK na??? He was asking all the question in a flow. Doctor stopped him n said to him not to worry as she is fine n ll gain consciousness soon
A: doctor can I meet her
D: yes u can
Abhi went inside as he was pragya he got flashbacks of the time when it all happened a lone of tear escape from his eyes he came near pragya n sat
A: u know how desperately I was waiting for this day…I had planned surprises for u but see what happened.. Its all my mistake coz of me.ur in this state I’m sry saying this he hold his ears…u know I was thinking to make this days of ours the most memorable one but…if this wouldn’t have happened I would have till now told u that I LOVE U …as soon as he completes their is movement in her body….abhi called the doctor,he checked n said that she is okk
A: doctor when she will get discharge??
Dr: it fully depends on her . we ll keep her in observation if everything goes well she ll get discharge
A: OK Dr
Abhi went near pragya
A: how r u feeling what having a bullet he asked her in teasing in order to light her mood
P: is this was dairy milk or what that u r asking me like this
A: chill chill yarrr don’t boil ur blood now
P: abhi did u informed maa bulbul
A: I’ve told purab to inform bulbul but I didn’t inform aunty as u said that it ll not good for her health so I didn’t…
P: thank God that u remember else she would be scolding me
A: oye… Don’t think that u have escaped from her I’ll her fr sure
P: plzz don’t say her na plzz abhi u r too good na I know u won’t tell

Screen shifts to purab n bulbul they were about to left from the cafe when purab gets a call. It was from an unknown no.
P(in his mind): I think I’ve saw this no. Before then he remember that it was the same no. From which abhi got call he received the call
Person: hello Purab don’t u dare to interfere in my n abhis matter u ll be in trouble…
The call ended
N the epi too got ended…

Sry guysssss for the late update I’m really sry. Hope u ll like the epi…

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