KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 13)


In abhi’s room
Abhi asked purab, bro what I’ll do yarrr. I’ve just 3 days left. Purab asked him to take a deep breath n then think about anything. He does the same. Abhi again asked him but now in complaining tone, kya yarrr this is not working give me some other trick. Purab started to think when smthg strick in his mind. He asked abhi to close his eyes n think smthg that makes him feel happy . abhi closed his eyes n imagines pragya a smiled formed on his face purab who saw this shook him n said I think now u r feeling better.
A: bro can’t u see me smiling?

like this days passed. now comes the day abhi was waiting for. screen shifts to a place the place was decorated beautifully screen shifts to a girl(pragya) she was looking here n there searching someone she then took her mobile while dailing the number she said, where is this idiot he called me n now he itself is not here saying this she called someone. P: where r u idiot im waiting for u?????? person:im there itself find me if u can P: what is this yarrr its not fare person: everything is fare….. saying this the person ends the call. P:how to find its so dark here while walking she bumped with someone she got scared as it was dark there she started to shout the person put his hand on her mouth so that she could not shout person: areyyy idiot how much u ll shout yarr saying this he took his mobile n switched on flashlight face is revealed he is abhi P: oyeee idiot u how much i was scared here u idiot…she started to beat me A: stop it yarr its paining she stopped beating him n asked the reason to abhi that y he called her here ?????? abhi replied,wait for sometime u ll come to know he then closed her eyes using his hand P: abhi what r u doing yarrr leave im not able to see anything A:waittt yarrr wait for sometime P: okkk he took her to place its was dark there nothing was visible he removes his hand n said, now u ll get all the answers P: idiot how ll i get answer when nothing is visible A:u know how much i missed u all these days u even didnt call me ask how i am.

u know these 4 days were like 4 months aaa… leave all that i want to say u smthg today he moves from the place he was standing he then claps the lights get on as soon as light get on pragya saw smthng n then turned towards abhi (lets see what she saw) it was written I LOVE YOU PRAGYA ” pragya was standing still abhi shook her n said, this was the thing i want to say that i love u do u love me pragya??? pragya came back to sense she smiled a bit a said yes, i love u too abhi in excitment hugged her he then broke the hug he came near to prags he was about to kiss her when heard someone saying, what r u doing bro???? A: pragya y r u talking in man voice n y r u calling me bro in abhi’s room purab: abhi bro yarrr what r u doing yarrr purab was trying him to wake up abhi woke up n said purab what r u doing here n where is pragya????????????????? purab:whattttt!!! how pragya di ll be here r u dreaming or what????????????? A: i dont know yarrr but y u wake me up idiot itna acha dream mai dekh raha tha P: come out of ur dream world n freshen up fast time passed pragya reached her home.

she freshen up n called abhi as it had been days seen she had talk to him P: hello! abhi how r u ??????? A: hello!!! who is this i think wrong number? P: what wrong number idiot im pragya A: ohh… u still remember me P: what r u saying abhi how can i frogot u? A: u didnt forgot me haa…then y didnt u call me these days now dont say that u was out of station thats y P: abhi sryyy yarrr maaf kardo yarr galti hogae A: kyu maaf karu??? P: areyy yarr i promise i wont repeat it again A: ok..ok.. pragya today come to a place i ll whatsapp u the address P:okkk then c u there saying this they ended the call screen shifts to pragya today i ll say to him what i feel for him but im scared what ll be his answer but leave it whatever ll be his answer i ll be okk with that but how to say him screen shifts to ABHI finally this day came i was waiting for this day today im gonna say u about my feelings towards u saying this he hugged the pillow in evening both left from there to the place they r going to meet screen shifts to abhi he was present there n was frequently looking at his watch waiting for pragya to come pragya came there n asked him sry in gesture saying that she got stuck in traffic A:its okk yarr come lets go P: now where ??

A: areyy come na yarr y r like this questioning all the time they came to place it was dark but not that dark coz of moonlight they were able to see each other ‘ abhi came near pragya n was about to say smthng when they heard the sound of gun shot that was fired towards them abhi looked down but he didnt saw anything he then saw pragya getting unconsious he saw that bullet hit her. he ran towards the same directin as he saw a person running from there trying to escape abhi followed him but then remember that pragya is unconsious he rushed towards the hospital screen shifts to hospital pragya was in OT abhi was standing outside tears rolled down he then gets a call person:how r u mr.abhishek prem mehra how r u feeling now. that day itself i said u that what u had done u have to pay for it but u…he started to laugh now u ll feel the what i felt that day
screen freezes on abhi’s face

sryyyyyyy guyssss for late update i was stuck in xams n after it got over i got involve in skl programme which gonna held soon really sry guyssss hope u ll forgive me i dont know whether u guys remember me or not. n hope u like todays epi let me know it through ur comments…hope im not boring u all n wasting ur time….

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  1. Maya

    Its interesting sis! ??I don’t think its boring???

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanq for finding it interesting di..

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thank u di .

  2. Lovely n sema twist…

  3. Intresting dear….
    Awesome twist…

  4. so nice scenes very interesting eagerly waiting for the next update

  5. Its really nice sis…pls post next one soon…

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanks for commenting… I’ll try posting next part soon

  6. Prathi

    Who is this guy.. I hate him he hurts Pragya? Nice update dear.. You also did something similar to cvs of kkb. What a dream Yaar ?

    1. CuteVanshu

      Yah di…after posting I too thought the same

  7. Monesha


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  8. Divyabaskar

    Superb dear keep going and keep rocking ?????

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  9. AMkideewani

    I read all the parts today and I love it

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanq for commenting sam

      1. AMkideewani

        Welcome dear

  10. Asmithaa

    Superb chotu… Awesome update..

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  11. Haripriya

    Super…..it is mind blowing….

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      Thanq di…

  12. Superb epi…I was silent reader

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanq varsha dear

      1. I just read all the episodes in a go…..And they were literally amazing….. And it’s not boring at all…. I’m waiting for the next part…post soon…. ?

  13. CuteVanshu

    Thanq maleeha api

  14. Angelk1

    Nice story lol, i didnt know who was talking at first until i say the colon. The characters act just like the real ones lol ….good going

  15. Khushi_

    Superb epi dear… Interesting…. Eagerly waiting for next epi…n I was silent reader

  16. Priya12

    Awesomeeee dr……..really superbb

  17. Pri_24

    Baby I read your it from first episode and I find it really interesting at each episode I am waiting for comment section and finally it come and I am happy and late me tell you one thing I had never watched KKB I just watch Rabul’s scenes but my best friend out of TU is AbhiGya’s crazy fan and due to her I started my one FF which I quitted now but trust me I started liking AbhiGya of your FF and I love this track too and you are amazing writer ha..????☺☺☺☺☺☺????

    1. CuteVanshu

      Thanq priya di…but di plz continue ur ff I’m really missing it

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