KB- Pyaar ki ek kahani (Episode 10)


Recap: rabul talking about abhigya

Next day
Prags n bulbul went to clg. In evening while returning back prags went to mm to meet abhi.

Days passed daily prags come to meet abhi at mm after clg. Now abhi had recovered after his recovery they met regularly but not in mm but the place where they became frnd’s. Abhigya had develop feeling but they had not realize. This thing was noticed by rabul
One day
It was morning time prags n bulbul left for clg.
In evening prags thought of meeting abhi but bulbul came to her n asked her to go some other place bt prags refused but after some time bulbul convinced her they went.

Screen shifts to abhi he was waiting for pragya. He was waiting for long time he thought to call pragya but her phone was switched off.
( when prabul were in car bulbul asked prags her mob n switched off it).
Abhi wait there for some more time then he thought that may be she is bzy that’s y she didn’t came he was about to leave when got call from purab
P: abhi where r u yaarrr daily u use to came at this time home
A: I’m on the way purab stuck in traffic
( he said in sad tone)
Purab notice this n asked him to come fast

Screen shifts to prabul now they r back to home prags was sad that she didn’t met him. She thought to check her mob may be abhi had msg her. He checked but there was no msg n calls from abhi ( before giving mob to prags bulbul Del abhi’s call history)

A week went like this abhigya didn’t met with each other neither talk as rabul divert them when they do so. Abhigya were badly missing each other. They started to realize their love for each other but were scared of rejection.

One night prags thought of talk with abhi as it had been days they didn’t talk as she had got golden opportunity as bulbul was sleeping without making any noise prags went to balcony n call abhi

Screen shifts to abhi he too thought to call her he was about to call when he was prags number displayed in mob he quickly went to balcony n received
They both said hello at same time there was a minute of silence as they heard each other voice after many days abhi broke the silence n asked
A: pragya what happened to u?? r u ok?? U didn’t came to meet me n no call or msgs
Prags made an excuse saying she was bzy in studies
Prags asked him same question he too made excuse
Then they stared their talk they talk more then an hour as after long time they were talking they ended call when abhi said her to sleep as it is 4 am. They dozed off thinking about each other.

Next day
Abhigya were very happy this got noticed by rabul purab called bulbul. Bulbul was at breakfast table so she made excuse n left from there
P: hello bulbul what is happening yarrr today abhi is smiling after many days don’t know what is going in his mind
B: what!!??he too doing same as di… She is also lost somewhere n jst smiling I think they had gone mad
P: surely smthg is their as when we didn’t let them meet n talk they were sad I’m sure that they had met with each other or talk as from time he awake he is smiling even when I went to wake him up he was smiling I don’t know when they met as I didn’t let abhi go anywhere then how come
They were talking when bulbul saw prags mob on bed She took prags mob n saw abhi’s number in last call when she saw the duration he was shock
Pu: bulbul now where u had gone u r not answering me
B: purab di talk with him at night
P: what?? But how u came to know
B: jst now I saw Di’s mob n u know they talked with each other more than hour
P: really????
B: yaaa…purab okk byee I think di is calling me bye n don’t let them meet
P:ookk u too
Saying this they ended the call

Screen shifts to prags
B: yaa di what happened
P: with whom u r talking in morning
B(in mind): u can talk late night n I can’t even in morning
P: now where r u lost tell me
B: di I was talking with my frnd

Screen shifts to mm
Abhi was smiling with no reason dadi was so she asked purab he replied that he too don’t know that y he is doing like that dadi thought of asking him
D: abhi.. Beta y r u smiling with no reason
He came back to sense when dadi shook him she again asked him the same question
A: nothing dadi jst like that
D: abhi…who smiles with no reason
A: dadi I have a reason
D: then say the reason
A: I can’t say the reason

Saying he left from there

Screen shifts to prags she too left from house

Screen freezes on smiling faces of abhigya

Thanks for reading n commenting. I’m gonna end this ff soon

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