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pragya woke up in the early morning got freshen up and went to make breakfast for her rockstar husband and his dadi.all the food was ready in table abhi came and ate the breakfast and said to dadi that he is going for meeting and ll cum only at late night dadi asked him to say to his wife and giggled he unwantedly gave a hug to her and said bye to them and went .pragya was a ceo of a IT company she made her busy by work till 6 as it was weekend she got off but there is no one for her to spend time with her .she closed her laptop and went to balcony and saw the heavy outpour of rain and thought about her marriage life she closed her eyes tears were flowing constantly it was like a dream to her to get married she was not sure wen abhi’s dadi came to talk about marriage between her and a rockstar but due to his respect and his dadi care made her to accept marriage . after the marriage at marriage night abhi came and said to her that he could never accept as his wife because he was in love with a girl reema and she has died a year before because of accident and i would never ever have a thought to forget her and move on.he said and went to sleep all my dreams were shattered but i made myself courge and try to divert my mind by working because of hardwork

i have become a ceo and got more awards but we have not even spoke to eachother and i was all alone in his house . he would come only at late nights before that i would sleep.like this 4 years went in our marriage life .she dono wen she dozed off while thinking about all this in a couch in balcony………………….Abhi came to home @11pm while entering his servant informed him that pragya mam didn’t come for beakfast ,lunch and dinner .abhi asked him to send the dinner to his room .abhi entered the room and found it empty and he went to balcony and saw her lying in couch he went he wake her up but he saw her sleeping so he went to get freshen up and wen he came to his room he thought to wake her up and he called her there was no response and he shook her no response he got panicked and sprinkled water on her face but she didn’t response he immediately took her to hospital doctor imformed him that its due to lack of food

as she have not eaten anying for past hours and said that he can take her to home and asked to make sure that she is eating properly. abhi and pragya left the hospital and went to home .he asked her to take food and medicine she noded and had all things and slept .next moring abhi woke up soon and saw pragya getting ready he saw her thin structure her creamy skin and her plumpy lips and water dripping fro. her wet hair .he made his thoughts aside and went to her and asked her why she didn’t ate anything yesterday she told sorry for disturbing you and for wasted the time in taking me to hospital she said that and about to leave wen abhi prompted more to say she said that his cousin aunty came day before yesterday and ask about our child in future .pragya laughed and by the time tear was also rolling and said that she don’t know na that we are not even strangers to talk a word .

she left and abhi went to his cabin and thought about pragya he said to himself that i have to move on in my life i have to i should not make my caring and beautiful wife crying and waiting all time.he then called pragya to come to hotel palace .she was shocked to see his call.she refused first and accepted to come .she reached the place with blue and white salwar she was looking soo cute.abhi started to tell her that I’m ready to move on in my life i dono wheather i can love you unconditionally but i can’t live without you.i wanna a family with you please apologize for my delay to accept you and love you.pragya was shocked she told him that he need not accept her or change her for guilt she also said that im ready to live like this till my life end as im habitual to it its not first time for me a rejection because i also loved a man unconditionally but at the time when i was about to propose him he said that he is in love with someother girl and he asked me to unite them i did as per his wish because i loved him and i wanna see him happy then i moved on and married you and loved you but you rejected me and not accepted me as your wife and i took all your ignorance because you wanted to be alone so i don’t wanna disturb you as per your wish. so no need to change she told with tears in her eyes then abhi told her that if i wanted to accept you because of guild i would have done that on next day of our marriage .pragya told abhi that she need some time to decide and left to car .abhi told her that i have realized my love for you and can’t wait for more days for your replay .—————

after two days pragya was in her cabin she was not able to work properly because of abhi proposal.she thought of asking a solution to her friend and she said the situation her friend told that there is only one life that too a short life we must take away all ego angry and ask her heart to be happy .if she reject now and get divorce you ll regret for yourr life time and left.pragya suddenly got a call it was abhi he asked her to come to beach they were in beach she broke the silent and said i wanna become your wife in all sense .he hugged her n the story ends…………….so we must not take any decisions wen we are angry we must be patient and think and take a good decision which makes our life happy……happy life to all. all comments are accepted…….

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  1. It was really awesome os I loved it

  2. super story…

  3. simple n lovely yaaaaaaaaa

  4. I luved ur os ???nd ur name made me a big smile bcz I luv virat kholi so much

  5. It was awesome…..loved it…

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    Superb Os!! Hope I see a lot more from u in the future!! Keep Writing!!

  7. Nice OS yaar

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    Its Nice……

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    awesome os really really loved it a lot

  10. u should cntnu for 2/ 3 episode

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