KB – mera pyaar (episode 8 part 2)


Part 2
unknown:now whr r u? aliya:PQ place unknown:ok turn left from RS place to GH place next turn right can u see XYZ farm house. aliya:yes unknown:ok stop there & enter in to the farm house. aliya:ok next what to do? hello…hello… aliya goes to the XYZ farm house.(every thing dark) suddenly someone closes the door.aliya gets scared & shout who is here bhai,purab,dadi just then some one closes aliya’s eyes with his hands. aliya:who r u? wht r u want?whr is my family? plz leave them.

guy:i want u ok i will leave them but u have to mary me. aliya:ok i can do it.but u can’t get my love u can get my body.beacuse i love someone else. plz leave my family. (the guy removes his hands & say its me) aliya:aap guy:ya its me aliya:u cheater.(she beat him)wht is this nikhil? nikhil:happy bday aliya. aliya:thank u nikhil. (all family members gathering to the hall)

all:happy bday aliya. aliya:thank u so much for all.so all r in one team na.

Credit to: ishni

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