KB – mera pyaar (episode 7)


thank u 4r ur support.sorry 4r short update.


the episode start with nikhil drops aliya to home & went back to home,purab come in his car. scene shift to abhi’s room. abhi:nikhil said that guy is pragya’s bf.just then i want to beat that guy.why i feel jealous about him? aliya&purab in abhi’s room aliya:hey bhai how r u now? abhi is not responding to them aliya&purab shout:bhai… abhi:ah…why aliya? aliya:bhai how r u feel now? abhi:i’m feeling good every time. purab:we asked about ur headache. abhi:what…? i haven’t headache. aliya:u said in party that u have headache.so is it lie,why u leave fron party early? abhi:ohh… that headache its fine now. In AM pragya:now party is over.now i can call abhi. bulbul:di ma want to talk with us. pragya:i’m coming….. bulbul:ok come fast. in hall sarla:nikhil now ur studies r over na u have to join with our business. nikhil:ok ma sarla:now u two.i think ur staudies r going well.work hard to do it best. prabul:yes ma sarla:now go to ur rooms&take rest.

in abhi’s room his room is ringing. abhi:hey u two shut up pragya is calling.ha pragya. pra:hey abhi how r u,r u feeling well? abhi:yes i’m fine.its a small headache. pra:ok wht is ur tomorrow plan. abhi:nothig special.eating,chating,sleeping pra:oh god abhi u don’t remember 2morrow is our aliya’s birthday. abhi:oh no.thank u pragya to remember it.we have to arange a surprise party. pragya:wait a minute abhi bhai is arange a surprise he want ur help. abhi:help from me.what is it? pragya:u have to act like u frogot her birthday&one thing tell ur family to don’t wish her. abhi:ok work is done.what is nikhil bhai’s surprise? pragya:i don’t know.but u&purab have to come to xyz place with ur family.ok good night abhi. abhi:good night fuggy. In AM pragya:bhai work is done.now ready to surprise. nikhil:ok my sweety.u have to help me. pra:any help 4r u bro. NEXT DAY MORNING in Am pragya:bhai we r getting late let’s go. nikhil:let’s go

precap:aliya’s birthday party

Credit to: ishni

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