KB – mera pyaar (episode 5)


part 1
thanks friends 4r ur comments.sorry 4r short update as i’m using my mobile 4n.becuse of that i will update 2 parts 4r 1n day.

SCENE1 the episode start with tanu&abhi dance together. pragya herself:he everytime says he don’t like tanu but he dance with her happily.why i think about him he is just my best friend nothing else.[after some times pragya turn back to leave the place just then a guy hugged her from back] abhi saw that & unknowingly tanu falls down from his hand. tanu:aaawww..what the…. why you left me abhi? abhi:just shut up tanu.i’m not invite u to dance with me. tanu:its ok.leave it. abhi:excuse me,i have some important work. SCENE2 abhi:hey nikil how r u? nikil:i’m fine.how r u? abhi:i’m fine.both of u dance nicely. a&n together:thanks nikhil:u too dance with tanu nicely. aliya to nikhil:don’t say about tanu to bhai he don’t like her. nikil:oh sorry abhi i don’t know u dislike her. abhi:its ok nikhil [scene shift to pragya&guy]

precap:the guy’s face is shown.eyes,mouth…

part 2
hi friends this is my 2nd part of epi 5

SCENE1 the part 2 is start with pragya turns back to see who is hugging her. pragya:hey,when day u came back to india. the guy’s face is shown he is none other than our RV in MATSH. rv:last week dear.so,how r u? pragya:i’m fine.whr is ur princess? rv:she will come back from us next week. scene shift to abhi,akhil&rabul abhi:nikhil who is that person with pragya? nikhil:her bf.why u don’t know that? abhi in sad voice:no…i don’t know that. nikil:i think she forget to tell u about him. abhi:ya ya.i feel headache.so i’m going.aliya u come with purb ok. nikhil:hey abhi wait a minute that person is our cousin rv not pragya’s bf i’m joking don’t get is seriously. abhi:ok i’m going.bye every one see u later. all:good bye. purab:i think he like pragya di.am i right? nikhil:u r right purab. aliya:u know nikhil these two are in love with each other. nikhil:so is it true my little princess? bulbul:ya bhai.

precap:abhi think about pragya

Credit to: ishni

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