KB – mera pyaar (episode 4)


thnkz guys…4r ur comments. SCENE1 prgya on the stage ladies&gentleman attention plz..today this party 4r my bro’s arrival.so enjoy the party.(janam janam song plays…)all gather to dance floor.nikil offers his hand to aliya 4r dance with him.aliya&nikil dance together happily. abhi:look fuggy today aliya’s face is glowing after few years.i’m very happy. pragya:ha ha look today all r very happy.

dadi:sarla ji today our children’s r very happy but two person r alone.(looking abhigya standing together)we have to do something. sarla:ha dadi i think we have to do somthing for fullfield our promise.but first i have to think about nikil. dadi:i think aliya is perfect 4r nikil. sarla:i’m also think she’s perfect 4r nikil.but i have to discuse with nikil after that i tell u.

SCENE2 (back to abhigya) abhi in mind:today she(pragya)is very beautiful i can’t get my eyes from she. abhi:hey fuggi will u dance with me?just then tanu comes there & give her hand to abhi.

PRECAP: pragya’s jealousy for taabi

Credit to: ishni

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  1. Awesome yaar…???
    But its too short?

  2. Nice yaar…

  3. WoW…….Its Awesome yaar………

  4. Its nice ..but it too short….

  5. Nice but it is to short pls make it as longer one in next episode

  6. nicr but it is very short yaar…

  7. nice yaar…superb but very shrt

  8. waiting for the nxt epi….

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