KB – mera pyaar (episode 2)

in class room a beautiful girl is shown reading a book.just then abhi enter in to the clz rm.
girl:gm rockstar.
abhi:gm fuggy,you know na i don’t like that girl but today early morning she meet me.now my day is over.
girl:don’t say me fuggy.i’m pragya arora and who is that girl?
abhi:my sister’s best friend.i don’t like to say her name.
pragya:now i know who is she.our collage best modle na.

Scene 2 teacher’s entry
teacher:student’s this month end our talent show r u ready.
all:yes mam
teacher:so we start our lessons.

4r hur r pass teacher:good afternoon students
all: ga mam

Scene 3 in car park
abhi:whr is ur bro now
praggya:he come back this weekend.i think he is finding good girl for him.
abhi:how dare him.he loves my sister but now finding girls.
pragya: hey i’m joking.he loves aliya.i think this time he will say ma he loves aliya.

bulbul,purab,aliya&tanu comes there.
bulbul:di let’s go.
purab:ha bhai let’s go.

precap:nikil’s entry

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  1. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Good going ishni !!

  2. Superb yaar…

  3. Nice yaar….

  4. Superb……. But its tooooooooo short……………

  5. Make it longer yar… Nice

  6. Nice but too short

  7. nice ya…

  8. awesome
    smily epi
    mind blowing

  9. Awesome dude continue ur ff waiting for next episode

  10. Awesome yaar.. Make long episodes?

  11. Awes some plz update next epi

  12. And make. Nikhil positive character

  13. awesome next epi update

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