KB – mera pyaar (episode 1)


hi friends .sorry for late update. thanks for ur comments.

The episode start with our rockstar & his brother’s conversation
abhi:hey purab my bro whr is our cute sis
purab:today she went collage early morning
abhi:ok.we r geting late.let’s go

Then the two of then comes down.they take blessings from dada & went to collage

in collage
abhi:purab whr is my babhi
abhi:arey ur gf
purab:ther r on the way to collage.
abhi:hey gm.bulbul babhi.
bulbul:gm for two of u. why u say babhi to me?
abhi:my bro’s wife is my babhi na so,i call u babhi.
purab:bulbul don’t think about his words.he is joking.whr is di
bulbul:it’s ok.she is in her class.whr is aliya & tanu.

Two girls r shown
girls:we r here gm.
bulbul:gm aliya&tanu.
aliya:gm bhai. abhi&purab:gm my dear.
tanu:hey abhi gm.
abhi:guys i’m geting late for my class.so,i’m going.

precap: in clz room a beautiful girl is shown

Credit to: ishni

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