KB – LOVE U episode 4


I’m so sorry for the late update and hope u guys like this episode

The episode starts with dadi going to house and she goes to abhi’s room there she calls abhi but nobody is there someone closes there her eyes and its non other than bulbul dadi says abhi is it u bulbul in boy voice says no I’m a thief I’m here to kidnap u dadi says bulbul I know is it u bulbul says dadi how u know dadi says I know everything because I’m your dadi abhi comes there bulbul says dadi I got job dadi says wow I’m so happy abhi says bulbul for this u have to buy me something bulbul says sure

Sarla comes to home and opens the door pragya ask where did u went sarla says I met one old lady she is so nice purab says ma,di I’m so hungry pls give me food sarla smiles and go to kitchen pragya and purab sits on sofa purab ask di y r so tensed pragya says purab tomorrow that rock star is coming to our school purab says its good only na then why r u tensed pragya says no if he tells something to principal means they will fire me sarla says the food is ready pls come and eat after eating they went to sleep

Next morning pragya do Pooja and sits to eat breakfast on the other side bulbul,dadi,abhi comes to eat breakfast bulbul says bhai I had a dream abhi ask where did u go bulbul says I went to Holland and brought chocolates to dadi abhi says for me bulbul says I forgot about that abhi says what kind of sister u r you are not buying me anything dadi says arey its getting late bulbul go to office bulbul says bye and goes to office .Purab says di I will pick u in evening pragya says OK

In school
Abhi comes all children surrounds him ask for autograph principal says to pragya to go pragya goes there principal introduce to abhi that this is pragya and she is going to be in charge of u abhi looks at pragya and says sir do u have any other good teacher in this school principal says she is the best teacher in this school at class abhi ask pragya r u teaching students pragya says yes abhi laughs and says oh god how the childrens are able to sit in u r class pragya gets irked and leaves abhi says to himself so miss pragya I’m going to tease you

precap- abhi thinks purab and pragya are lovers. Sarla says to pragya to marry of her choice

Guys I know this episode is so boring and there is a twist

Credit to: hani

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  1. Divya chandru

    Episode ia good , but its too short yaar

    1. Yes. I totally agree with u!

  2. Good but too too short

  3. Nice yaar……but upload d nxt part long yàr…..

  4. My next episode will be long

  5. It’s nice only… Bt need somewhat longer it’s too short yaar

  6. nice hani pls upload the next episode

  7. Hey hani..it’s awesome..incredible..amazing..and superb..can’t wait to read the next one..can you check out my friends bella story “music sheet” hope you will like it..bye love you

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