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The episode starts with pragya coming to home she saw a old lady who is not able cross the road pragya goes to her and helps her the lady says thank u beta may god bless and ask what is u r name beta pragya says dadi I’m pragya the old lady says thanks and went from there
Dadi (the old lady) goes to dress shop and sarla also there she is choosing bride’s dress dadi ask the shopkeeper to show bride’s dress the shopkeeper shows some dress sarla and dadi choses the same dress dadi says u take it sarla says its ok u take dadi says its not as my grandson is not marrying now im going to give this dress to my future bahu so u take it sarla says my daughter also not going to marry now dadi says ok and ask the shopkeeper do u have another dress this the shopkeeper says no sarla says its ok u take it dadi says ok and went out of the shop and sits in a park and starts taking about them

Pragya came to home and sees the door is locked and wait for sarla to come purvi comes there(friend of pragya)says hi pragya how are you pragya says hi purvi im fine u purvi says im fine where is purab pragya says purab didnt come to home wait i will call him

Amit(owner of the company) ask bulbul to come inside for interview amit ask some question bulbul says correctly amit says ms.bulbul u have passed the interview u may work from tomorrow bulbul gets happy and says thank u sir purab ask may i come in sir amit says s purab comes in and gives him a file amit says good u can go to u r home purab says thank u sir amit says mr.purab u have to the work to ms.bulbul purab says ok and leaves bulbul also leaves and call abhi abhi says hello bulbul says bhai i did it abhi ask wht u did bulbul says i passed in the interview abhi congatulates her and ask did u tell to dadi she says no abhi says ok we can give suprise for her bulbul says ok and cuts the call
Purab congratulate bulbul bulbul says thanks and ask can we be friends she forwards her hand purab says sure we can be.
Purab phone ring and it was pragya bulbul says bye im going home purab says bye attends the phone pragya ask where are you pirab says im on the way im coming to home pragya says ok and cuts the call

Pragya thinks where ma went and calls her sarla says to dadi oh my daughter is calling its late so im going home dadi says me to we can come daily and meet here sarla agrees and gives her phone number and she attends the call pragya says ma where are you im standing outside for 2 hours and janaki maa is also not here sarla says i will come and cuts the call
Abhi calls dadi and ask her to come home fast dadi ask y abhi says there is a theif in home and he is stealing all jewels dadi says what!!! Abhi says just joking dadi says dont joke with me abhi says ok and come to home fast

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Credit to: hani

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