KB – LOVE U episode 2


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The next day pragya says purab get up its getting late for u r office purab asks the time pragya says its 7.00am purab says what 7o clock oh my god its so late and he went to bathroom
On the other side abhi,bulbul,dadi and all are eating breakfast dadi says bulbul its 7.15am go to office name its getting late abhi says yeah bulbul this is u r first day name go fast bulbul says dadi bhai let me enjoy breakfast
Sarala ask purab to eat purab says maa if I eat means I will go late like always so bye maa bye di
Bulbul says bye bhai bye dadi and went to office

They came to same office and bumps each other bulbul says aww purab says sorry and bulbul says its ok….hey u r the boy yesterday i met na purab says haan u r bhai bumbs my di na bulbul says no u r di only bumps my bhai purab says leave it now tell me why u r here bulbul says im here for job purab says oh they started talking purab ask what is the time bulbul says its 8.20am purab says what oh my god amit sir gonna scold me (amit is owner of the company)and says bye and they leaves from there

On the other side abhi’s pa(abhi’s personal assistant) came and say sir u have to go to school tomorrow abhi ask why i already finish studying pa says not for studying the children of the school are big fan of u r so the school principal ask u to come abhi says ok
Pa calls the principal and said he agreed to come principal says thank u and cut the call
pragya is in school(she is a school teacher) she is teaching the students and principal came and said students there is a happy news for u tomorrow rockstar is coming children shouts in excitement pragya smiles on seeing them principal says Pragya u r gonna take care of the guest pragya says OK principal went out one of the student says hey I’m so happy rock star abhi is going to come another student says yeah I’m also happy pragya hears it and ask who is going to come the student says abhi the rock star pragya is shocked and ask u mean abhi is rock star the students says yes pragya came out to see principal but he not anywhere pragya says to herself oh my god the boy yesterday who bump me is a famous rock star he is coming tomorrow if he tell anything bad about me to principal means they will fire me no this should happen

Sorry friends there is no abhigya scene but tomorrow there will be and the episode will be long tomorrow and don’t forget to comment

Credit to: hani

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  1. No problem yar because u give purab and bulbul scenes so no problem… today’s episode was good… waiting for next episode

  2. Short but gud cont like this

  3. Superb…….. Waiting for next one……

  4. Nice yaar…

  5. It’s really good
    Pls continue

  6. hani episode is short yaar but this is very nice …… pls upload the next episode

  7. Nice going

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