KB – LOVE U episode 1

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The episode starts with a bubbly girl sleeping and a boy telling bulbul wake up (it is non other than bulbul and abhi) bulbul woke up and says good morning bhai u know today in my dream I went abhi says today where did u go in dream paris or Venice bulbul says no today Tokyo abhi says OK get ready we are bulbul says to Paris?? Abhi says no to park

They both came to park pragya purab also came and they started walking in park, while walking abhi and pragya bumps each other pragya ask sorry abhi says hey can’t u see I’m coming even though u has four eyes u can’t see me do u know whom am I ? Pragya says I asked sorry na purab says do he is a rock star pragya says I don’t mind whether he is a rock star or something come purab we can go abhi says what u don’t know me and they starts fighting bulbul and purab tries to stop them but they can’t bulbul says bhai come let’s go and purab says do come its getting late maa will search us and they go in opposite direction purab and bulbul smiles at each other while going abhi thinks what kind of girl she is pragya thinks what kind of man he is

Precap- purab and bulbul meets in a same office

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  1. Divya chandru

    Episode is good , but its short yaar

  2. Superbbb nd cute fight…..long epiii plzzzz…

  3. Super yar but it’s too too short

  4. super hani..

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