KB – my love story (episode 9)

hy guys i was not feeling well for past 2 days so I couldn’t update it.I think my story is boring.if your really feel boring please leave a comment telling its boring definitely I won’t feel bad.thank you to all who supported me.

one month later

Abhi forgives alia because of changing behaviour towards a right path.all were settled in there lives so abhi planed a pinic with his whole family today to nadhavana forest because forest life would be a wonderful experience.abhi took care of pragya very well fulfilling all her pregnancy cravings.


All were almost set to there pinic.they planned to start there journey tonight.

Abhigya room

“fuggy wear something that will keep you warm because it will be very chill there it’s not good for you and babies” said abhi seting is hairstyle infront of mirror while pragya was selecting her dress to wear tonight.

“don’t worry I have a hot rockstar with me he will keep me warm” said pragya naughtly like abhi while looked her in shock.

“fuggy now a days I can’t understand wheater I am abhi or you are abhi” said abhi sitting beside her.

“I learnt everything from you only na,before you will tell me boring and now see you are only boring me” said pragya finally selecting her dress.it was a yellow net saree which was very soft and transparent.

“fuggy we are not going to honeymoon” said abhi looking at pragya’s dress.

“but for me all the trip with you is a honeymoon” said pragya with a husky voice

“fuggy don’t kindle my mood then i will turn to a wild cat” said abhi raising his eyebrow

“even i too want my rockstar to a wild cat” pragya and left to the closet leaving abhi confused.

After 20 min

pragya came from the closet wearing her yellow net saree with one plate pallu so her tummy was transparently visible she straightened her hair till her back,removing her chasma she came to the mirror and applied her make-up and kumkum. Abhi was completely mesmerized seeing his wife.

“fuggy are you really woh fuggy why are you behaving so weird” said abhi cupping her face.

“nahi I killed your fuggy and came I her place” said pragya laughing.

“okay fine you are looking so beautiful today” said abhi and kissed her forehead softly.

“suniye you won’t leave me na” asked pragya resting her head in abhi’s chest.

“What question you are asking fuggy I won’t leave you till my last breath” said abhi caressing her hair as he understood it is one of her pregnancy cravings.

Night 9:00 pm

all were ready for the trip but instead of using car they planned to go in a big van.everybody borded into the van.tayji took the first seat near the diver. akash,rachu and raksh(there kid) with bubbly and bunty sat in last seat.Sarala ma, Dasi,Dadi,janaki ma,Rockstar Dadi,aliya sat in the front row.abhigya sat in right side second row while rabul sat in left side second row.all were watching a movie,chatting, and playing antaksari.
pragya felt very chill and felt very sleepy she kept her head in abhi’s shoulder and clutched abhi’s arm tightly.

“What happened to you fuggy are you feeling sleepy” asked abhi looking at her.

“hmmm it’s very chill here”said pragya coming closer to abhi as it was very chill.

“What a hot rockstar is with you then what” said abhi and moving from her tight girp and removed his jacket and covered over pragya and put his protective hands over pragya while pragya laid her head over abhi suddenly pragya jerked.

“kya hau fuggy” asked while pragya took abhi hand and placed it her tummy.

” your baby is kicking me” said pragya again pragya jerked.

“he will be a football player fuggy ” said abhi proudly.


“ek ladki aur duo ladka”( one girl and 2 boys) said the doctor while abhi was in happy tears

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  1. its not boring..i m waiting for ur epi for ystrdy..its very gud nice track..keep going..pls update regularly akshi….its not boring ya…

  2. Superb…….Loved it………Its not boringggggghh yaar………….Its Really Awesome……….???????

  3. Really superb year…why u r thinking we r boating…no..not at all…whoever will read or not I will read daily…I was waiting eagerly for ur ff from 2days..but pls daily…and u forgot about abhi went to see CCTVfootage in last episode ..u forgot to continue about that…

    1. ash(akshaya kannan)

      Don’t worry yaar I will Merion about it in next tp

  4. ash(akshaya kannan)

    I thought it was boring because i received less comments in my previous epi

  5. sana ( abhigya )

    Its ….not boring ya I m waiting for ur ff actually it was awesome I like ur ff very…. much nd take care of ur health too nd upload it regularly

  6. A very casual happenings bt u give it so nicely mm liking yua ff akshaya 🙂

  7. Wowwwwwww Amazing

  8. Its not boring yr…. I was waiting for ur update yesterday… Update daily ya…. Its really awesome

  9. It was very superb u r a brilliant written tq for such a beautiful ff

  10. Superb yaar… It’s not at all boring yaar

  11. Superb.very nice.after along time abhigya romance and caring.wait to read the next from the precap.


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