KB – my love story (episode 8)

hy guys thank you for your support but today I want to tell about me. I am 15 years old girl.I am an incidible chatter box.I want to be a journalist.I like travelling and talking.yes, I am foodie too.

aliya took the Mike and tells everyone about tanu and her boyfriend.tanu who was drunken spiled her bean to everybody.(sorry guys i dont want to waste my time on tanu’s crap i will only concentrate on abhigya love and care for eachother)

The most shocked person was pragya she was very hurt by tanu.abhi slapped tanu for betraying him but he was not much affected as pragya.pragya moved from there while abhi followed her.abhi’s concern was only on pragya so he didn’t think about tanu.pragya went to her room and sat on bed crying vigorously holding her knees abhi went inside and placed his hand on his shoulder pragya immediately crushed her head to his stomach.

“suniye mujhe maaf karona (forgive me)” said pragya crying holding his hip tightly.

“fuggy stop crying na not for me atleast babies keliye” said abhi patching her back.

“l must have trusted you but I didn’t do that,even when you refused to accept her baby I didn’t believe you I am sorry” cried pragya.

“fuggy our sitution was like that but even I hurted you so much telling you that I love tanu so it’s my mistake also na why are blaming yourself” said abhi patching her back.

“suniye I failed in my love I am unfit for your…” before pragya completing abhi put his hand on her mouth and sat beside her.He started kissing her face while pragya closed her eyes and held his chest with her fist.

“fuggy look into my eyes” said abhi and cupped her face to meet her eyes.

“Stop crying we must be happy that tanu’s truth came infront of us.now she left our life from now nobody will interfere in our life so stop crying” said abhi and wiped her tears.abhi made pragya to take some rest as he don’t that tanu’s shadow to fall on his wife and their love growing inside her.

abhi called nikil and asked him to take tanu somewhere from his eyes.all the family members felt sorry for abhi.Sarala ma and other members asked sorry to abhi.

suddenly aanshi fell on the floor holding her stomach so she was admitted in the hospital.the doctor personally called abhi and told abhi that aanshi as took abortion tablets without being pregnant and told some other things which made abhi shocked.abhi requested the doctor not to tell anything about it to his family members.Dadi asked abhi to go to MM as pragya will be alone.


abhi saw pragya very tensed roaming around the room holding her tummy.when she saw abhi she hugged him and enquired about aanshi but abhi some how managed with some excuses.abhi asked pragya to sleep but she refused to go sleep.abhi bent fown and touched her tummy.

“babies see mumma is not obeying my words. now a days mumma is not listening to papa” said abhi while pragya watched abhi’s live for her and her children.

“teeke stop your drama but one condition” said pragya.

“what condition” asked abhi.

“for past 2 days I have sleep using that hard pillow now no more I can use that pillow so come on” said pragya slightly embarrassed for opening craving him.

“okay come on” said abhi and the they both lied on their bed.pragya kept her head in his chest which was a favourite pillow.abhi caressed her her and kisses her forehead.later after pragya slept abhi slightly moved her head and hand from his cheat and placed it in the pillow.he kissed her forehead and cheeks and covered her with the blanket.

“How aanshi ate abortion tablets or someone aimed my fuggy and my children” said abhi to himself and went to take the video of the reception.


all the family members planned a trip in a jungle (full of abhigya love).

spoilers:leap of 5 months(in 2 or 3 episodes)

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  1. Superb……..loved it soooooooo much………

  2. wow it is supeerrr i like it verymuch

  3. sana ( abhigya )

    Wow amazing akshaya how abhi cares his wife pragya nd ………u said na don’t waste time on that tanu track only concentrate on abhigya love that was awesome s pls only concentrate only on abhigya u r great akshaya I like all the ff soo much which is based on abhigya nd I liked ur ff too waiting for the next one

  4. omg its really damn gud yaar nd leap haaaa kkk le v vil njoy any how

  5. akshaya me too 15+ yaar.ur ff is awesome.i hav also created ff tumse mila toh yun hua pyaar.if u hav time read it yaar.

  6. Very niceeee….. And wer s ur ghost house fiction yaar…im eagerly waiting for that one plz update soon

  7. Super
    Same pinch I’m also 15years

  8. awesome one akshaya just loved it u finished the crap in just 2 lines awesome yaar i dont have any words with me right now just awesome

  9. Wow..supr..u always rock it..akshi..pls update regularly and update horror story also it my kind reqst.and i m eagerly waitng for tat epi also…

  10. So……superb yaar…its awesome..I liked it sooooooooo…much…pls continue like this…

  11. Nice yaar really superb abhi’s care 4 pragya n their children it’s really nice thn wat dic SD to abhi

  12. Awesome yaar…. Too good…

  13. Superb sis its too good

  14. Oh wow ur my age and u have a lot of creativity i: a book worm

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