KB – my love story (episode 7)


hy guys i am back thanks for your support.your comments are like a energy drink for me.I really feel sorry for pratusha may her soul rest in Pease

soon time passed now pragya is 5 and a half Months pregnant she started flaunting her baby bump.purab and Bulbul got married and aliya too accepted their marriage. aliya become very close with pragya in few months because of her care and love when she showed towards.pragya understood aliya’s pain because of rabul’s marriage and she supported her so aliya decided to tell tanu’s truth to everybody in rabul’s reception (which is going to be held tomorrow)in front of everybody.meghna and tanu was doing there best against pragya but all the time abhi saved her.abhi was very worried a he found that someone is plotting about his wife and his children but didn’t tell anything about it to pragya.

here,Meghna and aanshi planned to destroy pragya’s infront of Dadi and abhi.they planned to mix alcohol in pragya’s drink so that Dadi abhi will scold her. tanu planned to mix abortion tablets in pragya’s drink.

In abhigya room mid night 1:30

abhi opened the door silently so that pragya who was sleeping peacefully having a hand in her tummy wouldn’t be disturbed.abhi went to Bangalore for trip for 2 days and was returning today evening but he missed his flight so he could only reach at midnight, 2 days was like 2 years for both of them abhi didn’t want to go to this trip but Dadi and pragya somehow convinced him.abhi slowly went near her and sat in bed,he kept his hands over her hand in her tummy and kissed her forehead.pragya felt a familiar hands over her tummy so she slowly opened her eyes and was happy to see her love.

“suniye..” said pragya and huggedabhi resting her head in his chest while he kissed her head.

“sorry fuggy I missed my flight” said abhi caressing her hair

“suniye…please don’t leave me and go anywhere I missed you so much” said pragya with a dad tone.

“you was one who compelled me go there now you are telling me don’t leave me” said abhi moving himself to the headboard of his bed while pragya too adjusted herself and again placed her head his chest.

“okay fine now don’t scold..What have you brought for me” asked pragya while abhi took all the toys he brought for his kids.

“yeh Sab kya.. I asked what you have brought for me” asked pragya with a pout

“this for my babies fuggy I didn’t buy anything for next time I will buy for you” said abhi which made pragya angry

“now a days you are only caring about your kids not about me all the care and love is only for your kids not for me” said pragya while abhi was amused to see his fuggy this much possessive.

“fuggy this is not my babies our babies” said abhi trying to convince pragya.

“haan our children but what about me now a days you are very changed you only need your children right,” said pragya which made abhi angry

“enough pragya stop this nonsense” said abhi with anger.

“why should i stop, what you will do slap me,beat me,kill me or divorce me” said pragya with tears.

the word divorce made abhi raise his hand “enough pragya haan I will divorce you after your delivery fine” said abhi while pragya started crying vigorously.abhi then came to senses what he did now Dadi already told about pregnancy mood swings.pragya tried to move from there but abhi catched her hand.

“fuggy I am sorry” said abhi while pragya tried to free herself from his grip.

“suniye leave me” said pragya crying while abhi softly pulled her to make her face him.abhi cupped her abhi wiped her tears with his thumb.

“I love you fuggy so much I can’t even think of separating from you and you are talking about divorce, how can I forget about you I was just playing with wait here his your gift” said abhi and tried to leave to bring her gift but she catched his hands when abhi turned she immediately hugged him keeping her head in his chest

Abhi sat on the bed and pragya too followed him and sat beside him resing her head on his shoulder as Abhi pulled her closer to his side wrapping his arms around their growing symbol of love and pragya placed her hand on his top and she closed his eyes as Abhi caressed his belly.This is their rotine for the past months and Abhi way of connecting to their children.

rabul’s reception

“give this to that pregnant lady” said both aanshi and tanu.when the waiters came near her abhi took her with him.waiters kept the juice in the table.by mistake aanshi drank tanu’s juice while tanu drank aanshi’s juice.


tanu’s truth comes out by alia

Credit to: akshaya

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  1. Zuha (Asya fan)

    Good one loved it I was a silent reader but today made me comment well I am also writing a FF for Abhigya.
    “Abhigya :Love for 7 lives!! “.

    Hope u read it.

    1. ash(akshaya)

      That story was awesome yaar

  2. Its good and interesting!

  3. awesome yaar i was waiting fr ur episode like when will u update u made me restless but todays episode was out of the world abhi should control his anger he is married he is gng to have triplets and one request dont make any complications in pregnancy otherwise it was awesome…

    1. ash(akshaya)

      Ya don’t worry I won’t make any complications but thanks yaar for your support

  4. Superb

  5. Waiting for the next part

  6. Nice yaar…

  7. Nice track..keep goinggg….

  8. Wow…superb yaar..I loved it sooooooo much….u r showing their love how cutely….pls add like these moments….realllllllll . Superb yaar…no words to tell….next episode pls update sooooooon…..iam waiting for this episode from morning..

  9. yaar trust me ur awesome in getting the picture into reality without facing it truly admired by ur writing its damnnnnn gud nd u brought tanu truth within 4 episodes oh my god its really breath taking not like stupid real kkb which has nthng but nly bakwasss pls update regularly

  10. Deepika bhaasker

    Plzzz update soon it is really awesome

  11. Awesome ya

  12. Nice yaar….

  13. Awesome yaar….really amazing…their care…fight ..possesivenes…everything is expresed nicely… we all are waiting for such moments in real kkb..but hope…its not going to happen in the near future… but we are keeping their love alive through our ff…you are also doing a wonderful job….

  14. Awesome episode. Abhi’s anger and caring. Both r nice.pragya’s possiveness also too good. Someone comments showing they are live with ur episodes obviously it should be there because the leads are abhigya right.very nice.

  15. too…good .. and lovely..yaar ..waiting for next episode

  16. WoW………Its Superb…….????????

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