KB – my love story (episode 6)


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Abhi and pragya went for pragya’s sonography test.abhi was very excited to hear his children’s heart beat for the first time.pragya was exicted but little bit tensed for delivering 3 children.soon the doctor called them inside.abhi helped pragya to lie down in the bed while she was holding his hand tightly.the doctor slightly pushed the Saree covering her belly part and applied the gel then she slowly started to move the machine.few seconds later the room was filled with continuous fast heartbeats.pragya eye’s was filled with tears seeing their symbol of love growing inside her.the left them as she understood that they need privacy.abhi felt that was most wonderful music he ever heard.he slowly kissed pragya’s forehead and said “thank you”.later the doctor advised pragya to take care of herself very well as it is not easy to delivery a triplets.

abhi asked the driver to leave as he will drive his car by himself.abhi and pragya went for a date and then abhi took pragya to a isolated place where there was a small house which was very beautiful.abhi and stepped into the house which was beautifully decorated.

“suniye this place is looking very beautiful” said pragya scaning the house with her beautiful eyes

“this is place where I spent my childhood fuggy,I love this place very much here only i started my music” said abhi emotional immediately pragya held his hand tightly understanding his emotions.

“actually suniye this place is looking very beautiful than MM” said pragya resting her head in abhi’s shoulder.

“I know fuggy so only i brought you here come I we will go to terrace” said abhi and took pragya to the terrace with a beautiful white sofa.

“why have you kept this sofa here” asked pragya resting herself in the sofa.

“wait I will tell you ” said abhi and sat beside pragya immediately she put her head in his shoulder while abhi protectively covered her with his hands.

“because fuggy you will put head in shoulder” said abhi giving a stupid reason while pragya slightly removed her head and meet his eyes.

“don’t lie for this silly reason you brought me here biwi hoon aapki I know what you think,what you will do,everything” said pragya cupping his face.

“fuggy today I am happiest person in this world because you are with me our children will be soon with us but before 25 years this was the most horrible day in my life I lost my mom and dad in this day,I don’t why fuggy everyear this day comes but today I am feeling very sad”said abhi with a drop of rear in his eyes

“for past 25 years you were a son but now you are a father now you are feeling your father’s pain when he left you all” said pragya wiping his tears.

“fuggy if miss them so much why they left me fuggy” asked abhi emotional.

“who said they left you” asked pragya while abhi looked her with shock then pragya took his hands and placed it on her tummy. “they are here” completed pragya.abhi broked down into tears and hugged pragya tightly while she was caressing his back “haan suniye I am carrying your parents” said pragya and abhi completed as “and your dad” this time pragya was very emotional and she hugged him with tears flowing with her parents memory.


Daadi thought to bring tanu’s truth and some how find tanu’s boyfriend. suddenly she felt somebody standing behind her she slowly turned towards them it was her daughter Meghna and her daughter aanshi without wasting time Dadi hugged her daughter and her granddaughter

“How only you have remembered me” asked Dadi to her daughter who didn’t meet her for 10 years because of a family issue.

“I am sorry ma how are you where is abhi I want meet him, you promised me that you will get married to aanshi and abhi” asked meghna while Dadi was standing helpless.

back to abhigya

abhi and pragya are looking at the star’s lying in the sofa while abhi’s head on the thick soft sidebar of the sofa and pragya’s on abhi’s chest.

“okay fuggy can we go to home it’s already late” said abhi caressing her hair with one hand and her tummy with other hand while pragya was playing with his shirt buttons

“kyun(why)” asked pragya continuous playing with his shirt buttons.

“kyun matlab Kya fuggy (why means what) it’s late it’s not good for your health our children’s health so come on let us move” said abhi getting up while pragya refused like a child but he convinced her and took her back to home.

in car

pragya was very tried and clutched abhi arms and rested her head abhi kisses her head while driving his car.soon they reached MM but pragya dozed off, abhi called her name but there was no response.so abhi carried and entered the MM and was shocked seeing her bua whom he loved like his mother.

“bua” said abhi and came near her.

“who is this woman” asked bua but before abhi could answer Dadi asked him go to his room as pragya is in deep sleep.

“ma who is she?” asked meghna shaking her mother.

“abhi’s wife” replied while anshi broked into tears

“ma how can you do this my daughter is only thinking about him for 10 years how can you do this” asked meghna

“nahi Dadi I very well know jiju can’t love anybody other than me” said anshi which evidently proved she is still obsessed with abhi.

“Pragya is pregnant” said Dadi giving aanshi counter that their love is growing inside pragya.aanshi was very angry but meghna said it’s okay and Dadi asked robin to take their bag.

aanshi and bua room

muted………………”don’t worry my chip abhi is yours we have act like a good human being infront on them” said meghna.

abhigya room.

abhi covered pragya with a blanket and kissed her and left to see his bua.

next day

“Pragya this is my bua and her daughter aanshi” said abhi while pragya bent to fall on her feet but meghna catched her hand and said “not during this time” and kissed her forehead.


aanshi mixes alcohol in juice to give to pragya while tanu mixes abortion tablets.by mistake tanu drinks the alcohol and aanshi drinks the juice that contains abortion tablets???

Credit to: akshaya

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