KB – my love story (episode 5)


hy guys thank you for your support.don’t worry that irumalargal in going to over in polimer tv it is going to air in zee tamil.then we can watch in YouTube.

after 1 week.

abhi is discharged from hostipital and he his back with a bang.pragya never took about tanu infront of tanu.abhi promised pragya that he will take all his responsibilities as a father but not as tanu’s husband.life was going so smooth for pragya and abhi.they both love each other and they were happy.

2 days later.

” fuggy I am waiting eagerly for junior for 2 reasons ” said abhi writing his lyrics while pragya was reading her favourite Jane austane

“for 2 reasons matlab” asked pragya still reading her book.

” First reason we will have our child with us na” said abhi which made pragya realise that she didn’t tell anything about her triplets then she was about to tell it but stoped for hearing the second reason

“What is second reason” asked pragya eagerly waiting for his answer.

” your name will get its real meaning” said abhi with a teasing smile but pragya couldn’t understand

” matlab” asked pragya keeping her book aside.

“you will became fat then fuggy will be perfect for you” said abhi and stood up from the couch and came near the bed sensing pragya’s anger.pragya immediately took a pillow and throwed over.

“fuggy don’t get angry then my junior will also a angry bird like you” said abhi sitting next to her puting his hands over her shoulder.

“ek nahi theen ” said pragya slightly blushing and making abhi understand she is carrying three. abhi immediately hugged her.

“fuggy thank you so much for giving me three kids” said abhi got up from the bed and lifted and twirled her.

“enough enough please leave me” said pragya with happy smile.abhi placed her in the bed and came near her lips,pragya closed her eyes in the warmth of his body.he slowly brought his lips near to her lips pragya couldn’t control her she took her hand and ran her fingers in his hair.abhi slowly kissed her lips.after few minutes they broked there kiss and abhi brought his face to her tummy sitting in knees and kissed it.suddenly tanu opened the door and was shocked abhi kissing pragya’s tummy.pragya got and composed herself followed by abhi.

” don’t you have manner tanu won’t you knock the door” scolded abhi so tanu left.

in tanu’s room

” I won’t leave you pragya now your child get your sins I will destroy it ” promised tanu to herself

next day

“suniye get up soon and leave me today we have to go th check up” said pragya shaking abhi who is sleeping peacefully holding her waist with his tight grip.

” haan fuggy wait for 10 min” said abhi pragya to sleep with closing his eyes.

“no 10 min already its late wake up soon” said pragya and left to take bath.

half an hour later.

pragya was getting ready sitting in front of mirror while was staring her (no no enjoying her beauty ).

“Why you are looking like this as if you never saw me” asked pragya wearing her earings.

” fuggy I thought of you after 6 months” said abhi sipping his coffee and enjoying her beauty

“what” asked pragya turning towards him

“haan fuggy usually for one child itself ladies used to gain atleast 10 kgs then think about you 10+10+10 totally 30 kgs” said and counting her weight in his fingers.

” i hate you” said pragya holding her waist with a killer look.

” but l love you fuggy forever” said abhi keeping the mug near the table and going near her.

pragya tried to move but abhi catched her waist and slowly pinned her to the wall.

“you look so beautiful in this red saree” said abhi and slowly touched her exposed part of her waist which made pragya close her eyes. pragya came came to her senses.

“don’t try to change my mood I am angry on you” said pragya stepping one step back but again abhi catched her.

“fuggy I will love you always however you look” said abhi and kissed her forehead softly

“promise” asked pragya with tears eyes filled.

“promise” abhi replied

“pakka promise” asked pragya resting her head in abhi’s chest

“pakka promise ” said abhi and again kissed her forehead.

“it’s your bua and her daughter” said Dadi to abhi.

spoilers: abhi’s bua plans to seperate abhi and pragya as her daughter loves abhi since childhood

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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    1. ash(akshaya)

      April 11, 7:30 pm

  7. Its Awesome yaar…….

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    Is that true… Irumalargal is going to air in zee tamil….????? Pls tell me yaar

    1. Yea. April 11 ,7:30pm in zee Tamil tv in the name of iniya irumalargal

    2. Yea. April 11 ,7:30pm in zee Tamil tv in the name of iniya irumalargal

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