KB – my love story (episode 4)

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as months passed pragya was 3 months pregnant and tanu was 5 months pregnant. pragya completely ignored abhi and she stoped talking with him but abhi didn’t give up at any cost the gave his best and took pragya and his child very well.tanu here was fuming in anger nobody was there to take care of her.pragya ignored abhi only for tanu and her child.whenever she hurted abhi it pained terribly for her.pragya couldn’t stop loving abhi.

2 days before.

“why are you doing all this to me.please leave me I want to be alone why are you torturing me” said pragya crying with a anger

”fuggy I love so much I want you to be my friend, my love, my wife, my child’s mother,my world and everything” said abhi cupping her face.

“please don’t touch me you lost all the rights to touch me, what you said you love me then why you slept with an another lady” said pragya crying which made abhi’s heart broke into pieces.abhi left the place immediately without uttering a single word.after abhi left pragya took abhi’s photo and started crying vigorously holding it to her chest “I am sorry suniye I am really sorry I love you too I love you so much even i can’t live without you but I have to accept the truth Tanu should also get the rights what I have but the love for me you have will not make you accept the truth I am sorry” said pragya crying vigorously.

next day

abhi didn’t reach home back till yet.pragya was very tensed she was trying to reach his phone but couldn’t.later Dadi informed her that abhi is going somewhere for few days.

2 hours before

pragya foundout that she is pregnant with not one child but three yes, she was carrying a triplets.she locked her room and sat dragging herself against the door and started crying holding her tummy with happy tears.she was happily caressing her tummy till her phone rang.


pragya was crying hard seeing her love lying motionless in the hospital bed.2 hours before she got information that abhi has met with a accident.she immediately stormed into the hospital without informing anybody.

pragya: doctor how he his? he his fine right
doctor: the operation is success but…
pragya: but but what but doctor
doctor: if he didn’t come to conscious in 2 hours then he will slip to coma
pragya: no he can’t leave me like this doctor can I see him
doctor: ya you can

pragya slowly stepped into the room and was totally crushed seeing his condition.she went near him and closed her mouth to stop crying.she sat near him.

“suniye what is this please get up, your fuggy needs you immediately I can’t live without you. I am sorry suniye I was so selfish I only thought about the tanu I didn’t care about your feelings I am really sorry ” said pragya holding abhi’s hand and crying

“suniye utiye na please I need you my children need their papa I promise you I won’t scold you I will talk with you I won’t force you to marry tanu please wake up” said pragya crying suddenly she felt abhi’s hands slowly moving and he started to open his eyes.he slowly tried to move slightly.pragya took a pillow and kept it behind him for a support.without wasting a second she hugged him tightly without disturbing his wound abhi too hugged her.

“suniye I am sorry bhahoot pyaar kartihoon Aapse I love so much” said pragya crying while abhi was caressing her hair.

“ek nahi theen”(not one but three) said pragya suddenly abhi lifted her and twirled her.

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