KB – my love story (episode 3)


Hy guys,I know the precap was a bit confusion I am sorry guys.I hope you understand in this chapter

scene one
In temple

Daadi is very woried about abhi.day by day he is becoming weaker and weaker thinking about pragya.Suddenly a pandit ji stoped her calling by name.Dadi stoped and was amazed as he called her name.

pandit ji: don’t worry nothing will happen to your grandson till he his with his love.

dadi: how do you know about my grandson?

pandit ji: aap please come with me.

(both Dadi and pandit ji sat on near the temple)

pandit ji: your grandson is going to be father right (he was mentioning about pragya)

dadi:haan(she is mentioning about tanu)

pandit ji: your are also giving shelter for another pregnant women right.

dadi: what? no we are not giving shelter for another pregnant women.

pandit ji: you can’t understand now. when you come to understand about this you will itself come to me.but hear what I am saying.the pregnant women and her child’s father (tanu) will be the biggest Dushman for your family but all these problems will be solved when your grandson’s child (metioning about abhi and pragya’s child)comes to this earth.many obstacles will be there for that child to come to this earth but all the problems should be faced by your grandson and his wife are together.

dadi was totally confused
dadi: tanu’s chid is abhi’s child.tanu is only pregnant in our house.then tanu and abhi are Dushman for our family.no..no..no.what the hell,only time can answer my questions.said daadi and left to her house.

scene 2

Abhi made pragya lie in the bed. She was sleeping peacefully that she couldn’t feel where she is. Abhi didn’t inform anything about it to Dadi or other members.he don’t know how pragya will react next morning but all his tension disappeared when he saw his wife sleeping peacefully. He kissed her forehead and went to change his dress.

Next morning

Pragya felt very comfortable and she slowly opened her eyes she was shocked to see herself comfortably sleeping in abhi’s chest.

“suniye wake up please wake up na” stired pragya

“kya hau fuggy take some rest its good for my junior” said abhi without opening his eyes

“please tell me how I came here otherwise I will go from here” said pragya strongly abhi slowly opened his eyes hearing his wife’s scoldings

“what’s your problem fuggy it was me who brought you here” said abhi

” who are you to bring me here” scolded pragya

“your baby’s papa” said abhi to cut off her

Suddenly someone knocked the door it was tanu.she was shocked to see pragya there

“Pragya you here what a pleasure” said tanu managing to smile.

“tanu yesterday I met with a accident so he brought me hear I will go in few hours” said pragya making tanu feel better

“you are not going anywhere” said abhi this shocked both tanu and pragya.

“Abhi we are going to get married and how can pragya stay here” asked tanu with a puzzling look

“Hold your tongue tanu.she is my wife and she is carrying my baby and I can’t marry you” said abhi as tanu left the room in anger.

“How can you cheat tanu even she is also carrying your child please marry her” requested pragya abhi didn’t reply anything and left the room.

Abhi told pragya was pregnant to everybody. Dadi daasi all were very happy hearing this good news everybody took pragya with special care ignoring tanu.Pragya was very angry on abhi for cheating tanu.Pragya stoped talking with abhi and she completely ignored tanu.

scene 3
In dadi’s room.

dadi: now l understood.this means tanu is not carrying abhi’s child.then whose child is she carrying.that pandit ji told that she will be a big Dushman for my family and I have to take care my pragya and her child.


“suniye pls wake up i need u,our baby need you.I cannot live without you,l can’t grow up my child without his father pls wake up” cried pragya

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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