KB – my love story (episode 2)


Part 2
Abhi tells pragya that he is very happy today and he is going to throw a party for his child.abhi makes pragya to sleep in the bed and leaves Pragya too couldn’t resist anything as she is exhausted.abhi in the other hand is in the ninth cloud even though tanu is pregnant now only he could feel the happiness of fatherhood.later he goes to his bed room and sees his wife who is very cute while sleeping he caresses her hair and tells her she gave the best gift today and thinks his child would unite them.

Next day

Pragya wakes up early and sees her husband sleeping like a child holding her.she slowly moves herself from his tight grip.she sees herself in the mirror and gets shocked seeing her in a lingerie that too till her knee.she very well know that the cat behind theift was her husband.she mentally slaps abhi’s brain for changing her dress without her permission.she collects her dress and goes to bathroom.she returns and sees her husband bringing coffee for she pinches herself to assure it was not a dream.h abhi comes and kisses her forehead and makes her to sit in the couch and drink the coffee.silence was prevailing for min but pragya broke it “how dare you are why did you changed my dress and brought me hear”asked pragya in rough voice “fuggy you was completely drenched and this not good for you and our child” said abhi with a care.Pragya didn’t know how to react all the justice did by her was flooded by his fatherhood and love for her but she has to do something for making him marry tanu.she suddenly stood up “this is not our child it’s my child” said pragya with a strong voice “fuggy your child is my child”said abhi with a soft voice “definitely not you don’t have any rights on my child”Pragya and started moving from there but abhi firmly holded her hand “leave my had abhishek “said pragya struggling to escape from his grip “I can’t leave my wife and my child anymore” said abhi with a strong voice. “I am not your wife anymore and you are going to marry tanu” said pragya “okay fine I accept you are not my wife but it’s my child and I can’t leave my rights over the child” said abhi and left her hand.”now you can go Ms pragya arora but soon I will be back” said abhi and left.

Sarla and Dadi returned from Agra as the fuction was cancelled suddenly someone knocked the door and it was abhi “how dare you are abhi why did you come here ?why are your torturing my child like this” asked sarla holding abhi’s collar “aunty ji I didn’t come here to see your daughter I came here to see my child”said abhi and went to her bed room sarla was confused and saw abhi holding pragya in his arm “leave her”said sarla “aunty ji I am talking my child’s mother” said abhi and left sarla was still angry on abhi but happy for pragya.

A panjit hi tells Dadi that tanu’s baby will be a biggest Dushman for MM and tanu’s baby’s Dushman will be abhi’s child.Dadi is confused hearing this.

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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