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Hy I am akshaya i am mixed tamilian and Punjabi.my mother is chithra arora and father is kannan.I am forum member i already wrote this story in forums already.many stories in this forums are awesome.Okay back to the story

Part 1
Pragya gets ready for Tabhi mehanadi function Before attending it she went to karan’s house. Karan was suprised by her sudden visit.sarla planned there marriage before this month and he was also exicted.karan knows pragya’s past but doesn’t know fully.he only knows how abhi betrayed pragya but he doesn’t know how much they both love each other.he greeted her happily.”karan I have to tell you a important thing ” said pragya with a stern voice “First have this coffee”said karan and handed her the mug “karan I don’t have time to drink your coffee please listen to me I can’t marry you”said pragya in a low tone “what are saying pragya our marriage is going to held by this month,what’s the problem”asked karan with a tense voice.”karan we can’t be happy because love is basic for any relationship but I can never love you”said pragya “but why” asked karan with confusion “Because I love abhishek ” said pragya clearly “why are you joking pragya I know he betrayed you and you completely hate him” Before completing his statement pragya declared she is pregnant with abhi’s child. Karan was shocked to hear this he asked her to repeat herself.”karan I am pregnant with abhi’s child “shouted pragya and started crying. Karan some what convinced her but he was sure about telling this to abhi. Pragya tells karan not to tell anything to abhi till his marriage.karan promised pragya that he won’t utter a single word to anybody.

In Mehra mansion
Function was going without any happiness. Abhi’s eyes only searched pragya.he made a plan to stop this wedding.finally he saw pragya entering the house.he ran and hugged her tightly and started kissing her In front of everybody.Pragya too couldn’t oppose him but tightly hug him in the same manner as he is.all the guests saw abhi in awful manner but abhi didn’t care about anything and dragged pragya to his room.tanu followed them to spy what them are doing.abhi scolded pragya for not meeting him once.Pragya didn’t utter a single word as she know she is very weak in front of him.abhi continuously started talking to her.he said how much he missed her in past 2 months. Tanu interrupts them telling she too missed pragya but pragya was not in a state to listen anybody she very well know abhi will not leave her iif he knows she is carrying his child .Pragya left the mansion as she was very depressed.abhi found pragya missing and started to search her everywhere.robin informs abhi that pragya left before few minutes.”She must going near by I should catch her and find what is her problem” said abhi to himself and left his mansion in his car.

I was pouring outside abhi cannot view anything properly.he saw a group of people gathering in front of the road.he get down and went there and he was shocked to see his love in that state.he immediately took her in car and went to his guest house. He called the doctor in tension.he changed her dresses to a lingerie which was her most hated gift on their confession day.he sat near her and caressing her hair soon the doctor arrived.the doctor examined her.”Mr Mehra it’s common during this time,she is very weak so will prescribe some vitamin tablets and come to regular checkup”said doctor confusing abhi.”doctor I can’t understand” asked abhi in confusion “Mr Mehra may I know who are you to her” asked doctor to him “I am her husband “said abhi in a low voice “Mr Mehra she is pregnant and it must almost be 2 months” replied doctor and left.abhi was very happy hearing this he kissed her cheeks and forehead.”fuggy wake up i want spend my time with you and our baby” said abhi with joy but pragya was still unconscious.abhi opened the knot and removed her over coat of her lingerie and placed his hands on her tummy and kissed it “baby papa is waiting for you,see mumma is still sleeping like a child,be a good baby and you too take rest inside mumma.you should not be naughty like papa,mumma is already weak and you should not torture her like papa okay”said abhi and kisses her tummy

Credit to: akshaya kannan

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    1. Yes it is India forums.It’s name is abhigya os: select one OS
      But it’s a ongoing os

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