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I am pragya abhieshiek prem mehra.Rockstar’s Abhi wife.Now my life is totally changed.I always ask a question from my self since childhood.What is life?When i was a child i always see many daughters and fathers bonding.When i was 6 years old my father loves me alot.As everyone says that a daughter is always a princess of a father.And my father makes me feel like a princess.I never feel this which i am feeling now.When i was 12 years old my father used to take me out.He used to spent some time with me.Only me and my father.Mostly people say that without money we r nothing.We can never enjoy any relation especially in this world as money is ruling the world now a days.I also think same.But my change my thought.We enjoy alot.When i was 16 everything changed.

My life changes.My beautiful world changes to hell.I never ever thought of living a life just like this.Firstly,i thought that it was my father mistake but when ever think it from heart my heart clearly scream it urs mistakes.Actually,2 years i spent my mornings in home as i joined evening classes.My father goes to work at 10:00 clock.I thought that may be i spent more time with my father.But it was not like that.When ever he calls me i ran towards him and i came to know that he calls me for work.I happily do all his work.These 2 years i did my break fast alone as my mother is a working women.But there was one person in my house who cares for me alot he was my grandfather.I luv my grandfather alot.When i was 19 i was totally changed as my prioerties were totally changed.Firstly my father was my first priorty.And now i am used to it.Now my grandfather passed away.I miss him alot.And my father works out of city.But i also miss him.Whenever anyone asks me why i give more importance to non living things that mean my sofa where i spent 2 years,t.v e.t.c.I didn’t show my pain to any one.Because i thought no one would understand.But actually it was not like that at all time proves me that i was wrong all the time.All the time i overthink.When he passed away.My eyes open and then i see the real world.From which my father has protected me for these 19 years.Now, i have nothing except crying and missing him.When i was 23 i got married.And again i ask same question from my self what is life?As abhi torture me for his sister,mms track and tanu track.I never thought of having a life just like that.

Abhi:Fuggi,where r u lost?Are u alright?I am calling u for past half an hour.
Pragya:Nothing,actually i waz thinking how life changes.And passed a smile.
Abhi:He also passed a smile in return.
Then thier cutiepiessss……Came and they shared a family hug.
Pragya:And finally,i answerwed my question.That these three r my life till my last breath.

The end.

I hope u guys like it.Sorry for grammatical mistakes.




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    Superb aytac huzur tussi chha gaye badlon ki tarah this was fantabulous aur ye status ? Achha suno Wakai mujhe ye Achha laga dil se bol rahi hoon dil par hi lena theek hai na pagli ?????? stay blessed dear

    • |Registered Member

      Luv u Surbhi…..????I seriously don’t know.That whenever i write my status my first word is surbhi pta nahi tum ne konsa jadoo chala rakha hai

  2. nannu

    superbb yarr…………………………..but present u have to write some more………..then it will be awesome

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