KB- Hum Dono (episode 8)

hello guyz !
I so so so sorry I am so busy with my exams and I have them continuously. now i promise u to update my ff atlest oncein every week and fortunately my exams would probably get over within this week so iwould be able to give u continuous updates.and guyyz i would try to give cont updates but please do comment more and just make me feel ur presence as i spend a considerable time in this work apart from my exams . I want to know whether my work and efforts are good are not so pls let me know ! and pls mention if u want me to change anthying regarding my ff but guyz pls do comment here and it is my humble request

coming back to ff
abhi gets emotional and hugs alia and they both share an emotional moment
Pragya : now i think my nannad wont hate me . Hai na !
Aliya hugs pragya and says yes babhi
Abhi : by the way alia stop these tears . They don’t suit u . U look good when u smile. now com on smile (alia smiles) this is like my princess(Aliya hugs abhi again)
Pragya : how long would we stay here by hugging each other ! han hurry up i have to go to my sasural and meet my sasu ma
Aliya : bahbhi youre so eager to see ur mother in law it seems . (Aliya seeing Abhi ). Babhi by the way i heard one thing
Pragya : what ?
Aliya : Nowadays one person is becoming too romantic
Pragya : whom r u talking about
Aliya : what is this babhi i am talking about ur pat dev ! i heard that he wore a dog tag mangalsudra and married u in moonlight . Is that true babhi?
Pragya : (shyly ) offcourse
Abhi : so miss chatterbox told u everything ! i am not gonna spare her and ofcourse youre not gonna escape from me
(abhi starts cahsing Aliya and pragya is standing near the bed and is watching them at that time abi’s leg hits the couch nearby and he falls with pragya on bed (allah wariyan plays ))
they both r lost in each other’s eyes and at time Aliya clears her throat and they both get back to their senses
Alia: this is what we callas romance Bhai!
abhi again stats chasing her
Pragya : stop ! pls stop !(she shouts to her core but they both donot listen . THey keep cahsing each other and at this time pragya moves to the closet)
Aliya and abhi look at each other sadly
ALiya : Bhai we are finished
Abhi : youre right i ahave a big task of apologizing and convincing her
(after 20 mins pragya comesout and alia and abhi are shocked to see her as she is in her fuggi avatar she is wearing a red floral printed sari the one she wore when abhi proposed her )
Pragya : now lets go
Alia : but bhabi why r u having that bag
Pragya : i have mogambo in that bag.
Aliya : Mogambo ?
Pragya : arrey ! i have my clothes i wore now as when we return all member of the house would be here na so i have these
Abhi You re so brilliant fuggi(hugs her)
ALiya : Bhai ! n ow the time is 3 and we did not have our lunch so can we leave
Abhi : off course
abhi takes the car aand Aliya pragya are seated behind and they reach while going they stop in many spots to eat as rg is 100 km away from mm
They reach rg by 5 and bulbul welcome them and ragini takes arti

guyz i know this is a very short epi as i have to prepare for my math exam tomorrow i promise to give u long epi once my exams are over and pls do comment to make me more confident

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