KB- Hum Dono (episode 7)

hi guyz !
Tripthi is back and thanks to all of ur support and I love all ur ff and I read them only today. I am having language exam tomorrow so I decided to update today.
ok I know I’ve created a lot of suspense and guyz I am gonna intro new characters in this ff and pls forgive me if I made any mistake about them as I don’t know much about serials other than kkb . I came to know about them through ur ffs only
ok coming back to the epi

the epi starts with pragya taking the ghoonghatwali to their room

Abhi : close the door fuggi or else somebody would see us
Pragya : Nobody would is there to see us here
Abhi : what …..What do u mean ?
Pragya : I’ve sent the elders including tyaji and tuaji to temple for a special pooja. Raj bhaiya mitali bhabi to a dinner as I wish that would clear their misunderstanding and the kids are with aakash and rachu to a film
Abhi : Brilliant fuggi and now coming to the plan…………….hey wait a min why r u still wearing ur ghoonghat
Pragya : take it off nah . Here is no one to see us and u could also get some air
the person doesnot take up it and hence pragya takes it off and to her surprise she found aliya there

Abhi : What do u want now…… purab… hah and for ur kind info I could not get into trouble by letting him marry u and by the way how did u come here and how did u know abt our plan hah……….. actually bulbul was supposed to be here nah wht did u do to her ? tell me tell me !
Aliya : Bhai allow me to speak
abhi sees pagya and she nods her head by approving to Aliya’s permission
Aliya : Bhai u know nah I was in jail and niveditha mam(from itna karo na muje pyaar) took me out with a bail I went to her told my problem and I also said that I reretted for what I did . I asked her to get a bail for me as I need to apologise to u ( guyz here aaliya has changed really as I wanted to show her as a positive character)
she got me out with a bail and she took me to her house and gave me the charge of managing her accounts as I was an MBA graduate. One day she threw a party for welcoming her son from Dubai.There was a shock for me. This made me to never want for purab as I discovered him to be my elder bro like u


(guyz in my ff nivi is married to aman and she also didn’t love neil but they both are best friends since childhood )

neil and ragini along with bulbul and purvi enter the party hall

Nivi : hello neil ragini and this is …….
Ragini : this is our ………actually they’re our guests but they are more like daughters to me
Nivi: oh is it ..
Neil introduces both of them and dr.Aman along with Aliya comes to the same place and bulbul and purvi stare at Aliya and Aliya too stares at them and aman was about to greet them but at that time their son came at the entrance and they signed for an excuse and went over there

Aliya : bulbul !…….and …….u…………..how and why………..its ok and
Bulbul : Why u thought that I died . i’m sorry you were wrong and my love saved my life
And they both start quarreling . Ragini asks them and bulbul tells the whole event right from her di’s marriage.
tears rolled down ragini’s cheeks and neil comforted her

Neil : bulbul tell ur jiju’s family names
Bulbul : ok uncle . My jiju Abhishek prem mehra , his behen Aliya prem mehra, his wife Pragya Abhishek prem mehra, his dadhi daljeet kaur Khanna
Neil : stop beta what did u say daljeet kaur Khanna . Do u have any of her photos
Bulbul: han Yes uncle !
Bulbul shows the photo and neil and ragini gets a teary eye
Purvi : why r u both crying ?
Ragini : beta she is my mother in law and his mother whom we lost along with our three children
Purvi : this means that jiju amd Aliya are ur children and what about the third one
Neil : we actually named them differently. we called our first kid as Abhishek Khanna and my daughter as Aliya kaur Khanna and my another son as purab Khanna
Bulbul : Purab ! (show a photo of him ) is he ur son ?
Ragini : do u have a child hood pic of him

Aliya : ya I hav 1 of the three of us
Aliya shows the picture and neil and ragini together say that they got their children back . Bulbul and purvi are enjying it while Aliya burst out into tears . Neil and ragini look at it and they comfort her and asks her not to feel guilty as what she had on purab wasn’t love but was an obsession that a sis would have on her bro . After few mins Aliya pacifies and nivi along with aman come there.
neil and ragini tell about the whole incident and aman and niveditha bade a good bye to all of them including Aliya but her son is not present there.

after that they reach ragini’s home (guyz i’m gonna call it as RG)

bulbul then again narrates her flashback at forest and their current line to expose tanu
Bulbul : Aliya tomorrow y have to go and meet jiju
Aliya : no then I would notbe able to see u again as my Bhai would kill me
Bulbul : hey come on yaar if u tell all these matter then he will forgive u and after telling about all this bring him here
Aliya :thank u bulbul
Bulbul : hey no sorry and thanx between frnds ……………………..friends !
Aliya : friends !

PRECAP : abhi and pragya are welcomed into the rg and neil and abhi are to handle the biggest trouble of their life

guyz keep guessing the trouble that they would face and pls comment me and make me feel ur presence as I am writing exams I could not update continuously and I would try to update by tomorrow guyz pls keep commenting and tell me if its boring yaar as I thing I had bored u by giving such a long epi
ok bye !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

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