KB- Hum Dono (episode 6)

hi guyz I am extremely sorry as I was preparing for my exam which is tody that is 15/2/16 so very sorry for this late update to keep up my words I am typing this episode at 3 : 36 in morning .pls do comment guyz . If u think that my ff is boring pls do tell me and I think I do really do bore u when compared to the other’s ff. and I am also following one of ur quotes ” don’t fear to comment here”.

ok now coming back to the epi

epi starts with the sunrise and abhigya are sleeping in each other’s arms peacefully.pragya wakes up and place a gentle kiss on abhi’s fore head and then she leaves to fresh up herself. By this time abhi has also woken up and he starts calling fuggi. At that time pragya enters from the washroom in her bold avtar

Abhi : what is this yaar? I called fuggi and mogambo is standing infront of me
Pragya : hah ! mogambo ok now the mogambo orders u to go and get yourself ready
Abhi : ok sorry fuggi and yes boss now i’m gonna fresh up
pragya smiles at his antics and then she return to the dressing table

after 15 mins
abhi comes ready for his work and pragya is still drying her hair
Abhi : miss mogambo (pragya stares) ok ok fuggi can I help u
Pragya : uski koi zaroorati nahi
but its ok i’ll help you na
and then abhi is about to get the towel from pragya’s hand and suddenly a dook knock is heard and the duo sense it to be tanu

abhi and pragya stare at each other ass they didn’t clean their room. Their room is full of clothes they wore yesterday , the candles , and many more things. . then rapidly like jet they both hurry and clean their room and make it look like before.
Abhi : fuggi now what would we do she would ask us the reason for not opening the door .
Pragya : suniye u go to the bed and pretend to sleep and i’ll open the door and act asif I came from my bath.
Abhi : but I am in my office outfit na
Pagya : (suddenly pulls out his shirt and gives him a normal wear and makes his hair messy
Abhi : wait !
Pragya : what?
Abhi : u still have that kumkum and mangal sudra (he goes near pragya and hides the mangalsudra with he saree and the kumkum with her hair

pragya goes and opens the door and starts scolding tanu for making sound and they start their argument. Abhi is watching all this from his bed and he is delighted to see this happenings
after a long fight tanu makes it up inside and tries to wake up abhi but he doesnot. so she leaves the room
AT 10 AM
a woman with a ghoongaht enters into the mm and mitali bhabi sees her and question her about her arrival and the woman says that the mistress of the house asked her to come there. at the same time pragya arrives there and takes the woman inside and informs mitali
Pragya : Bhabhi u r doing so much of work in this house and dadi and tayji are also hard working so I called upon a maid to assist us and she is from a conservative village so she does good work .
Mitali : but pragya why does she wear a ghoonghat
Pragya : that is none of ur business and I said na she is from a conservative family so don’t ever try to lift this ghonghat so pls
and leaves from there to backyard and she also text abhi who comes there immediately.
she ensures around that no one is there around them
by this time abhi has also arrived
Pragya : why did u come late . I told to come soon na u always dono understand any thing if any body had spotted or enquired about uwhat would have happened all the plan would have been failed
Abhi ; Thre is no tme to waste in scolding leaveit na fuggi
Pragya ; ok I think it is not safe here so i’ll take her around the home so that everyone could see her and engage all of them in a work and after that I would bring her to our room

Abhi : ok i’ll be there in room ok take care

PRECAP : revelation of the person

ya I know it is a short one as I hav to prep for my exam and i’m so sorry
guyz whom do you think the person would be . keep guessing it and I would like to inform u that there is a big twist a life changing twist in the next epi and I promise u to update it after my exam (maybe evening 5 ). ok guyz wish me luck and bye !

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  1. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar………Its not boring………& Don’t compare Ur ff to others……Its alsooooo gooodddddd………I think the ghoonghat wali is BULBUL……..Go ahead……☺☺☺…..

    1. Tripthi arora


  2. good one yr keep going…

  3. It’s awesome please continue soon

  4. Nice going…..nd its not boringggg……its really superrbbbb…..nd keep going yaar……

  5. Its awesome tripthi Arora waiting for u r next episode

  6. Awesome yaar waiting fr ur next episode …..

  7. Tripthi don’t say sorry again as ur ff is not at all boring and it is superb,waiting for the twist and all the best for your board exam and which class ur studying 10th or 12th

    1. Tripthi arora

      thank u sita I am studying 9 and I am face board this time too . I have my revisions going on now

  8. Superb yaar… Really today’s episode s also awesome n rocking I love itttt… Thn one thg don’t thk tat ur ff s boring its interesting only yaar…

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