KB- Hum Dono (episode 5)

hey guyz
thanx for suporting me and ur ff’s are too gud than mine keep going and keep commenting . thanku.her is the nxt part

the epi starts with Sandhya agreeing to take them tomumbai and then five of themleave to the village . Bulbul introduces the villagers to Sandhya ans they promis to bring the village developed into a town within few days and Sandhya promises to make their lives more comfortable. Then the whole village comes there to bade the a good bye . seeing the villagers heavy hearted abhi promises to visit the village one in every month and they bade him good bye

pragya too is crying by sayng that I am missing them as here they all treated me like my daughter but there she says that her own mother doesnot treat her properly. abhi and bulbul convinces her. with the help of sandya they all reach Mumbai head quarters of police station and abhi thanks them and requests Sandhya and sid not to reveal anything about ther journey and carryout the development of that village faster and he also promises to take thewhole payment


dadi is praying to the god to bring to her children back home safely and says that she would die if he doesnot show her children infront of her eyes. At that time the bell rings .Dadi goes to open the door and she sees abhi there . dadi is now in seventh heaven
Dadi : hey abi where were u ? why didn’t u come to home for 3 months . What were u doing outside . why didn’t you come to home. whybare u not speaking anything speak something?
hearing this all the members of mehra family including tanu came there to see abhi. and they weren’t able to speak anything
Dadi : say something why aren’t uanswering my questions
at this time pragya enters (again in her bold avatar)
Pragya : dadi I would say u the answer . actually we went to brazil for a confidential purpose to meet mr . Siddarth Khanna for an official purpose and he forgetted his phone here . you told that u were all shocked to find him and me missing but did u ever enter his room and search?
hearing this tanu and mitali rushed up to the room and to their surprise they found his phone there .
Pragya : you also found me missing nah don’t u have sense to call me leave the way I have to go inside
Dadi : if u want u go inside but we have to take harti for abhi ok
dadi signed mitali to bring harti and she took arti to abhi and indirectly to pragya as she ws standing nearby
at this time pragya saw pot with water nearby the door and after the harti she tapped the that vessel with her leg purposefully (grahapravesh as she again got married nah)
all turned to that side
Pragya : don’t u have any sense why is this placed here ha?
Mitali : acutally pragya I had to take it for pooja but suddenly dasi called me so by mistake I left it here
Pragya ok don’t repeat it again. now I am going to my room and no one should disturb me understand ?

all looked at pragya and they went near abbhi and asked every thing and somehow he managed
after 3 hours around homely people abhi entered is room. after making dadi sleep
he entered into the room and he found pragya nowhere. after sometime pragya came from theroom in her fuggy avatar and she bolted the door.
Pragya : what happened outside ?
Abhi: I somehow managed the situation
Pragya : it seems that our planni isworking very well
Abhi : but I think there is someone helping us you saw nah the harti was taken for both of us and you did grahapravesh with water
Pragya: said knows about me that I’m the same but the pot was merely coincidence
Abhi :ok so all our post rituals of our marriage is completed exept one
Prgya What?ya all have been completed
Abhi : do u wanna see that
Pragya: off course!
then abhi comes closer to pragya and the lights turn off
(guyz the rest you know )
I know youre all eager to know how abhi’s phone came there and bulbul gone missing
now I would tell u

after thanking Sandhya abhigya and bulbul with the help of sid go a place were purvi stays(guyz in my ff pragya some how managed to extract the truth from the corporator)
purvi actually stays with neil and ragini who are mesmerized to see abhi and they hug him so emotionally. Abhi is perplexed by their reaction . then neil and ragini introduce themselves to him and they say that they are very happy to have bulbul with them as they have lost their children in a horrible incident (guyz their flashback would be revealed later)

So know to be clear bulbul and pyrvi stay with neilra(neil and ragini) and abhigya stay at the mm and purab stays in his own mansion while sarla janki and beeji(rsd) stays in pragyas home

PRECAP: a woman wit a ghoonghat enters the mm

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