KB- Hum Dono (episode 4)

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abhigya walking home as they have to stat for three days in the forest. after few hours they reach home and some tribal pople come and provide some basic utilities and pragya manages to speak to them. then pragya starts to clean the house and she goes out to see bulbul nowhere . she is shocked and she calls abhi and they both start to run here and ther . Finally they see bulbul talking with a small boy .

Pragya : bulbul wont u nform that you aregoing to the village! u always make us tensed and this tme i’m not going to forgive u. Because of you I came all the way running with ur jiju . what if something again happens to u again and she starts crying
Bulbul:di i’m sorry actually this boy calledme suddenly and he took me over here as he said his mother wanted to speak something to me
abhi : what did his mother say ?
Bulbul : his mother said that we could not get out of this forest as the van which took people from here met with an accident and the van had actually fallen from a cliff. She also told that no other van or a bus know that thereis avillage over here .
Abhi : what ! then what could we do ? for uor livelihood as for how long will the people serve us with food
Bulbul : Jiju here is no school and di and I know to speak about this language so why cant we start a school like thing here.

Pragya :it is a nice idea !
Abhi : then what would I do sit in the home as idle !
Bulbul : no jiju I will teach you the language so that you could teach them sports and music
Pragya : but for teaching we need writing materials like pen paper and etc nah
Bulbul : di here pen and paper are not available but here they make use of slate as we have seen that they write the menu or food present in the hotel in their language on slates nah
Abhi : then okmission established


abhi nd pragya have disappeared without trace so all are in tension
dadi and purab are discussing

Dadi : where would have abhi and pragya gone
Purab : dadi don’t worry abhi was so tensed and so he mmight have go onfor some holiday. He was saying that h would opt for a holiday and asked me not to tell anyone ashe wanted peace
Dadi : he could atlest inform us na then we would not be worried here and pragya ? what if anthing happens to her and cries
purab consoles dadi and dasi enters and she tojoins them and starts pouring out herself .
others inmm are also so sad about thi



abhigya and bulbul are successfully running a school in which they teach languages like English hindhi and Marathi and some basic math and a genereral subject. abhi has also learnt their language and speaks it with a lot of fluency but pragya still struggles in it thus she doesn’t teach in the school.Abhi teaches sports and English and hindhi while bulbul teaches Marathi and math and the general subject and pragya does some tailoring ( donot ask me that from where do they get the sewing machine). They lead a very normal and happy life to that the forgot their own homes.

their normal day goes like this
at morning pragya wakes up by 4.00 and prepares their breakfast . abhi and bb wake up at 7.00 they eat their breakfast and they reach the place or the centre of the village bby 8 and till 9 they would with pragya . by 10 all the students would come and they begin their classes.acutally their school is so informal as they teach their student under a tree and they have no exams and very kind to the students. They take seperaste classes for children between 5-10 and 10- 15.by they 12 in afternoon they have their lunch together and they end their classes by 3:00 and part their way home . in evening they play in the ponds and have their dinner some times they even prepare for the class. thy usually have their dinner at 9 and they sleep by ten

days passed like this until one day when a parachute came past their way to school followed by an helicopter .they saw the person in black suit with a dark sunshade starrng at them
the person was none other than siddarth(jamai raja) and Sandhya (diya aur bati hum) came out of the helicopter . abhi was so much delighted and gave siddarth a bone crushing hug. pragya and bulbul too hugged sandya.and took both of them to their place and told about their full past history their travels geography and their chemistry with their villages (full past history their ttravel ke geography and the villagers ke saat their chemistry) .
SId : kya baath hey yaar you all began a school

Sandhya: actually this is a good thing as the children there get to knoew about the world na
Sid : Yes I agree but one thing I could not still understand is that how a rockstar turned into a teacher
Abhi : It all happens bu by the way how do you both came to this place
sandhya : actually meri pyari Bhai sid started on parachuting above the sky and a local man said thet there was a man who stealed his property and is now flyng in the sky and that man also told that he was actually a terrorist as a coincidence we were also in the mission of chasing a terrorist and hence I laeft all my cades to search around here and I went back to the head quarters and I took of the helicopter and chased him. after sometime I got a call from my station that the eanted criminal was caugt and I was about to leave at that time this man started to fall down so Icame here in the thound of swaving him but now I could save 5 members to their homes

PRECAP ; abhi sees his daadi

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