KB- Hum Dono (episode 3)

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I’m sorry for my late epi as I am studying for my exam.
the epi starts with pragya cooking in the kitchen. Suddenly abhi comes and hugs her and demand her for a kiss .but pragya disagrees . Somehow abhi convinces her and was about to kiss her and at that time bulbul shouted di ! di! pragya di and abhigya part away.

Bulubul apologises for her interference and thenabhi says that u have already disturbed and convincing ur sis is a very tough job so tell the matter to us
bulbul tells that she knew some villagers and she said that they can escape with the help of them. she explains that she knew their language and the people in the village also knew her . She told that as she didn’t remember anyone’s no she had no other go except to stay in this village.

By this time the food was ready and pragya began serving it.Abhi and bulbul started to eat and pragya too joined them. At this time bulbul said that ha di , u bith are newly weds so u must feed each other. Then abhi started to feed pragya and pragya too fed him (mast magan second para plays) Bulbul was watching thescene and happy tears rolled from her eyes. at this time she missed her purab
after eating they all walked towards the village . At that time abhi saw a fruit and pragya said that she wanted that fruit. so abhi climbed up the tree. bulbul was busy searching for the path nearby. aat this time some tribal people enter the area and pragya souts help!help!.abhi rushes to help her . At this time bulbul came hoping and dancing qas she found th way. when she came there she was shocked to see her pragya di in the tribals hand and abhi arguing with them. she shouted stopa! and blabbered something to the tribes. They brought 3 chairs and all of the 3 sat there and they were carried to the village. in the village also bulbul speaks in a new language an the tribals too respond to them.

bulbul says that it is difficult to escape from here as the transport facility is available one in3 days and they say that the van left this place only yesterday. pragya then asks about the phone. Bulbul says that thetelphone ws also damaged so no way we have to stay here for a day or two until the van returns. she also says tht the people would provide us with all materials for our living and they allowed us to stay in that same hous until the van returns
pragy says thankx and leaves there

PRECAP : bulbul goes missing

guyz this is a short epi but I promise you to give long ones once my exam is over thank u !

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