KB- Hum Dono (episode 2)

thank you guyz ! especially thanks to sharmi , reshma , surbhi , naveena , ishwariya and all other silent readers
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and all you guyz are doing good in your ff too. I loves surbi’s roshni’s and sowmiya’s. surbi especially I loved your ff because of abhigya’s children keep going ……

PRECAP : abhigya landed in the same house where they landed before during the kidnaping track .

the episode starts with abhi making garlands out of leaves . Pragya stands near him and suddenly sees a person standing behimd the tree and watching them .
she informs to abhi and he also sees the same person standing behind the tree . So he runs to catch that person and pragya to follows him .After a serious chasing the person who was running began to faint and pragya rushed to catch her but she got hurt instead. she too fainted . Abhi saw that and at the same time the running person fainted on the ground and It turned to be bulbul ( guyzs I loved mrunal in bulbul’s role so in my fic mrunal is the bul bul ) Abhi was so confused on whom to save . He then dragged bulbul near pragya and started waking them . But he saw no response . he also did not know to treatbulbul as her face wasn’t completely cured and there were some scars here and there. Hence he started mouth to mouth respiration for pragya and she woke up . She shouted bulbul ! get up ! get up!( bulbul utoa! utoa bulbul) Then she turned towards abhi and he lifted her and went kept her on near the pond .

Pragya carefully used some water and all the other safe methods of first aid .After 3 hours of hard struggle bulbul coughed and got to her senses .
pragya immediately gave her a bone crushing hug . Abhi smiled and said that hey fuggi don’t crush her bones with your hug she is so weak she might faint again and we’ll have to spend a whole night waking her .hearng this the perfect sis broke into laughter. After some laughing mania pragya equired about how bulul survived from her accident and asked whether it was her own decision or if some one had blackmailed her . Bulbul said that she escaped with the help of the local people here and she then changed the topic and asked why abhi was making garlands out of the leaf as she did not wanted to speak about the reason for her decision . Abhi said that he was going to marry pragya again and he took the garlands .


Bulbul took pragya with her under the moon and made her stand there . abhigya exchanged garlands and abi took that red powder and filled her mang with it . Then he took one of hs dog tags and removed the tag and attached his ring to it . He said Fuggi consider this as your mangalsudhra until u find the culprit and made her wear it .Finnaly they exchanged their rings and took the seven Pheras around the log fire . Bulbul said if dadi was here then she would have enjoyed it then pragya said her not to inform dadi until they knew completely about tanu’s truth . then the newly wed sat on the bank of the pond with bulbul and prqagya narrated the whole incident about how abhi reached her , her watchman attire and about their reunion . pragya said that this was her happiest day abnd she is the happiest persone in the world as she gained her love and her sis back with a dreamy marriage at the end of the day

The chit chat went on and all dozed on the bank itself . Pragya wookeup by 4:30 in morning and she saw bulbul and abhi sleeping . She went and kissed both on their fore head and left into the cottage. To her surprise she saw some grains and some cooking materials in that house and she began cooking . She fetched water from the river , bathed and she wore a saree (the same one which she wore during the kidnappng track) filledher mang with the red powder. pragya left to the cooking and was lost in her own world of thoughts

PRECAP : someone lifts pragya and she cries help help. Abhi rushes to help her

Credit to: Tripthi arora


  1. Sharmi

    Nice epi especially bulbul returnsssssss…..superbbbbb i luv bulbul veryyyy much sooooo thank uuuuuu 4 bringing back oir bulbul in ur ff its awesome yaaaa….. i luved it a lotttttttttt……??

  2. Reshma Pradeep

    Superb yaar……Sooo Bulbul is Back…….I like the MOONLIGHT WEDDING…….. soooo much…………..

    • Tripti arora

      thank u reshma even I would luv to have my special day under moon light
      and keep commenting more
      THANK U!

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