KB- Hum Dono (episode 10)


hey Guyz !!!!!
I was actually not feeling well so I couldnot continue my ff. Now I am feeling ok so I thought to proceed my ff. And recently my little princess has also started a new ff called Love Beyond Lines . I am so happy for her and I would assure that she would give cont updates. And guyz thank u soo much for ur support and pls kep showering all ur love for us

coming back to the epi . this epi starts with fun at rg

Neil : now who is this mogambo ?????
Pragya : myself papa.
Neil : how many names do u have beta (funnily)
Purvi : I would clear ur confusion uncle. My di’s actual name was Pragya arora;after marriage her name was Pragya Abhishek Prem Mehra.
Aliya : after marriage Bhai called hes Chashish simply because she was wearing a chashma
Bulbul : after falling for my di my jiju called her fuggy
Pragya : when I changed myself and took over the mm he called me mogambo
Neil : arrey wah!my son has a naming expert in him and could u pls do me one favour abhi?
Abhi : Tell dad
Neil : actually na I am bored of calling ur mamma as ragini again and again so could u pls sugesst a name for her
Abhi : offcourse dad ! I think……. (a voice interrupts)
Pragya : MR ABHSHEK PREM MEHRA!!! How dare u ???
Abhi : mummy !!!!!!(runs behind ragini )mogambo!!! Mogambo !!! save me from this devil ma
Ragini : does she look like a devil for u? see how beautiful she is…… come beta(hugs pragya )
Bulbul : guys if its all over can we eat food as I am very hungry
Aliya : haan bulbul I am so hungry as I did not have food since morning

all leave to the dining table ragini and praya are serving food while others are eating

Abhi : mom could u feed us as we want to have food from ur hand . could u pls feed us
Ragini : ofcourse beta ! (and feeds to abhi and Aliya while pragya serves food )
Neil : this family would be complete if purab is here !!!
Aliya : don’t worry papa as purab would return to india by next month
Abhi : how do u know that ?
Pragya : actually Bhai I saw him one day at nivi aunty’s office and I heard him saying that he would be returning to india by next month
ABhi: does he have any problem for approaching lawyer??
Aliya : No Bhai ! I asked to nivi aunty abt this and she said that he has come to assist one of his patner in a civil case and he has no problem out of it
Bulbul : oh thank god !! could I talk to him
Aliya : bulbul don’t worry ur marriage would happen immediately after his arrival and so pls after that u both can talk for ur whole life
Ragini : oh look at her my sweet daughter in law is blushing
Aliya : but no one could beat my babhi in blushing
Abhi : hah Aliya I too agree !!
Pargya : but I don’t blush
Abhi : is it ? ok come sit here (a chair beside abhi is empty)
Pragya : why ???
Abhi : sit here fuggy (pragya sitsand abhi give her food with his hand ) eat this
Pragya : no I hav hand and I wil eat with my hand
Abhi : no u have to eat this otherwise I wont eat food
Prgya : ok ok I am eating(pragya eats food from abhi’s hand )(alla wariyan plays )
Ragini : ya its true no one one can beat pragya in blushing !!!
And everybody laughs and have their food with lots of fun
after lunch pragya receives a phone call and it was dadi
abhi : who is that fuggy !
Pragya : it is dadi . Oh my god what am I gonna do now nd What would I say to her
Ragini : is it my mother in law pls beta talk to her an dput the phone in loud speaker
Pragya attends the call and switches the loud speaker and all the member surround her
Dadi ; Beta where are u and now only we returned from the temple
Pragya : dadi I went on to a meeting with a producer in delhi and I am in delhi now
Dadi : abhi ?
Pragya : he is also with me dadi
Dadi : where do u both stay beta??
Pragya : dadi we stay in a hotel and dadi pld don’t worry as we are fine here . is there anything important dadi ?
Dadi : pragya ! pls do leave work for some time and focus on tanu beta as she would trouble us’
Pragya : did u see her anywhere daid ??
Dadi : yes beta I saw her near the temple with Nikhil . I didn’t hear her properly but I heard her sayin Newyork……..London……5months …………..return . I could connect with what she was saying but I know that she is plannimg some thing so pls end her chap beta.
Pragya : don’t worry dadi donot take much stress as it is not good for ur health
Dadi : how could u say this as I am so afraid beta
Pragya : donot worry dadi …I am there nah nothing would happen to us I would ask him (abhi ) to ask nikhil’s assistant
Dadi : ok beta take care of urself and donot let abhi to know abt our plan
pragya : ok dadi
dadi ends the call

Abhi : we have to do something
Aliya : babhi : I have a plan ! (and tells the plan to all )
they have a goup hifi

Precap: execution of the plan

guys pls forgive me if I bored u with this epi and very sory for giving u thismuch late update!

Credit to: Tripthi Arora

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  1. it’s ok tripthi i liked ur ff so much but i can’t comment ….. and ur little princess i mean rithi’s ff is also nice and take care of ur health waiting for the next episode

    1. tripthi arora

      Thank u reji

  2. Nice yaar….

  3. hey one thing abhi’s father name prem or neil

    1. tripthi arora

      abhi’s fathers name is neil nicheket khanna

  4. Wow tripthi it was awesome

  5. Its Awesome…………

  6. awesome tripthi very nice i loved it a lot…

  7. Nice and superb.

  8. awesome…take care of your health…update soon

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