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Now a days i just hate kumkum bhagya bcoz of d dragging

Kumkum Bhagya is being dragged and dragged though there is no need to stretch the show so brutally. Well, most of the fans and viewers are of the same opinion yet the hide and seek is on and we are clueless by when will it continue. Though we want it to stop immediately because we are already sick of watching yet the makers are showing us the dodge game from months now.

Well, don’t you too think that the ‘topic’ for which Kumkum Bhagya is being pulled is just an open and shut case? Here we share our points

Daadi Knows Everything Already
Abhi’s Daadi already knows the truth. She knows what Aaliya and Tanu did to Pragya and Abhi and she also knows what they are upto in the future. Now, Abhi trusts his Daadi more than anybody else. Moreover, he listens to her always no matter what the situation is. So why can’t Daadi simply back Pragya and open everything in front of Abhi. We are sure this will clear everything as Abhi will believe Daadi.

dadi pragya kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Why Can’t Pragya Simply Say the Truth to Abhi

Aaliya Has a History of Bad Record
Abhi trusted his sister Aaliya. However, not once but thrice she has been caught doing all sort of wrong things. Abhi knows how low Aaliya can stoop to get her work done. So, there are full chances that Abhi will believe that she is capable of doing these things. Once, Daadi confirm Aaliya’s crime Abhi is ought to believe her. Then why o why is the writer through Daadi and Pragya, is testing our patience?

kumkum bhagya aaliya Kumkum Bhagya: Why Can’t Pragya Simply Say the Truth to Abhi

This will be enough to prove Aaliya guilty of her crimes – Don’t you think so? What else one need to prove? Still, we see Pragya and Daadi planning and planning and planning to expose Aaliya.

Just a DNA test and Tanu Can Be Exposed
Once, Aaliya’s chapter is over, it won’t take much time to expose Tanu. Well, just a DNA test and her truth will come out in a minute. Interestingly, Abhi won’t need much time to digest the fact because he had already denied sleeping with Tanu after his marriage.

tanu nikhil kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Why Can’t Pragya Simply Say the Truth to Abhi

Besides, if the serial goes in this flow it won’t be difficult to expose both Raj and Nikhil as someone or the other will reveal their name. However, it seems the writers aren’t interested in being logical as illogical ideas are something that they relish.


We Hear there is a Rape Plot
While fans are considering the current plot as totally bizarre and useless, there is something more horrible in the upcoming track. Well, according to the rumored spoiler Pragya will be raped. Now this rape sequence is not only sad but also unnecessary. We just hope it turns out to be only a rumor. No wonder, such a twist will only deteriorate the serial completely.

kumkum bhagya Kumkum Bhagya: Why Can’t Pragya Simply Say the Truth to Abhi

Also, the writers of the serial have still not solved the kidnapping mystery and Purvi’s track in the serial but there are all set to hatch the rape twist here. We hope the CVs will get their logic cap on and prevent any further damage to the current storyline.

Nd nw dis divorce track just hate it

Credit to: Hema D'sowza

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  1. U r right. But the director wants this serial for 1000 days I think so. Kkb s now full of dragging. In spoilers abhi divorces pragya and marries tanu totally crap na. May its pragya and her teams plan to expose the truth. Dadi will tell truth to abhi and stop marriage. Just the end this serial, viewers r waiting for abhigya reunion. If the marriage happens and then if abhi got to know abt tanu’s truth will he divorce tanu and remarry pragya?

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