KB- My Diary… part 7

Recap: Pragya was continuously ignoring abhi! Abhi wrote his thoughts over silence!
Next day:

Abhi:No sooraj! Our jewellery deigns should be perfect than Mr Ahuja’s, you know this is a big project for us and i can’t lose it!
Pragya Intrupts: Sir don’t you think we should be best in our work rather than seeing who’s more best than us?
Abhi: Pragya you aren’t understanding i want my work to be perfect than Mr Ahuja’s and no more arguments ,Sooraj deadline is 3rd August so please be sure for everything!

Sooraj: sure bhai but i think pragya is right! We should do our best rather than keeping in our mind that we have to do best because someone else is doing their best!

Abhi: I m not understanding what you guys are trying to say but right now we should concentrate over doing best than Mister Ahuja!

Pragya in low tone says Insane as always!
Abhi: Miss pragya, you said something?
Pragya: No..i mean yes but i mean No, but Yes but No! No i mean….
Abhi nods his head in disbelief , pragya says Sooraj Sir can you please leave me and sir alone for sometime? I need to talk to him!
Sooraj: Sure pragya!
Pragya: and do close the door!
Sooraj smiles and goes after closing the door!
Pragya stares Abhi…
Abhi says Whattt?
Pragya folds her arms and again stares abhi!
Abhi: What? Why are you staring me like this?
Pragya is still staring abhi!
Abhi: Miss Taneja… Pragya cuts him off and says stop it ! Drama, Drama, Drama!
Abhi while ignoring eye contact sits and starts checking some files says Drama? What Drama?
Pragya snatches the file and says you don’t remember your fuggy right?
Abhi takes back file and says what fuggy?
Pragya says better! Well Sir Abhishek will you like to have the special treatment that i gave you yesterday?
Abhi questions which treatment?
Pragya: you didn’t noticed that i was ignoring you?
Abhi says Were you ignoring me? Oh i didn’t realised!
Pragya: Better! Okay so you were asking me about Fappy yesterday right?
Abhi: Yeah but you alrdy answered me!
Pragya: He passed away!
Abhi’s eyes got widen, he coughs and takes a glass of water! He says while stammering fappy? Passed away? When?

Pragya laughs hard and says oh… My…. My…. She again laughs and says your… Again laughs…your reaction!

Abhi says Miss Taneja is this a way to behave!
Pragya says Abhishek Sir don’t you think that Miss Taneja and Abhishek Sir sounds weird!
Abhi forgets everything and says exactly!
Pragya says Booom! I caught you, fappy!
Abhi remains clueless!
Pragya says see enough Fappy yaar! This is worst!
Abhi was about to say something but pragya cuts him off: okay fappy if you do not want to have fuggy in your life, it’s up to you! I thought we will spend much time by refreshing our memories! But…it’s fine Abhishek Sir (abhi is smiling while listening to this) … Pragya turns to leave , Abhi says don’t you think fuggy that your drama ended soon! Okay fappy if you don’t want blah blah blah! I know you more than you know me understood? So please haan keep this Drama with yourself!
Pragya: Drama ke bache! You were also doing drama right? I m not fappy Miss Taneja behave yourself! (pragya was about to continue but abhi hugs her , while hugging he says) you know fuggy how much I missed you, our endless talks and fights! I missed them all! Pragya breaks hug and says same dialogue from my side too! I m so lazy to speak that all… Abhi pulls pragya’s cheeks and says lazy worm!
They were about to continue their conversation just then sooraj came in!
Sooraj: bhai, check mails i have sent you designs! Pragya dii come with me please i have some work with you!
Pragya says since when I became your pragya dii Sooraj Sir?
Sooraj stammers Wo..actually…
Abhi says sooraj she knows that i m fappy!
Sooraj says Finally you told her right? Well we can talk about this later on as Mr Sarna said that they can conduct meeting via video call so Abhi bhai come with me and pragya dii you should help us in finalising some deigns i will mail it to you!
Pragya says okay sooraj!

Time passed trio were busy in checking designs and all, pragya noticed that Abhi is being nervous so she decided to talk to him!

Abhi: Fuggy ask priya about clients!
Pragya: yeah i asked her, she said that clients are waiting for your reply!
Abhi: oh okay no problem! Well i think it’s already 11 00 pm,over time! So you need to leave!

Pragya: no fappy i already told Tania that i will be late! So it’s fine for me!
Abhi: No i was saying as work is over so you can!
Pragya: Why are you saying indirectly? Say directly na?
Abhi: whatever you said now, i didn’t got it!
Pragya: I mean why are you saying indirectly to me to leave as you are bored say directly to me to leave!

Abhi: Can I ask you one thing?
pragya: Yeah of coarse!
Abhi: Since when you started watching dramas? Because you have got so much drama in you!
Pragya: Was that a joke?
Abhi: Yeah kind of that!
Pragya: then it was worst one!
Abhi: Okay baba, it’s already late!
Pragya: But i want to talk talk to you regarding Mr Ahuja!
Abhi: Okay so let’s go at a cafe?
Pragya: no, i mean here in your cabin!
Abhi: okay fine, tell me!

Pragya: why are you being nervous regarding this project? It isn’t much tough and this one is a small project!
Abhi: Fuggy it’s because of Mr Ahuja! I mean he always presents the best designs and always secures top position but this time i want to beat him in this!
Pragya: Fappy you’re doing a great mistake!

Sooraj comes in cabin and says exactly pragya dii you’re right!

Abhi says Mistake? Which mistake?

Sooraj says pragya dii make him understand to fullest! But can i join your conversation?

Pragya: Yeah why not!
Abhi: pragya which mistake are you talking about?

Pragya: okay so listen i m not just talking about you but generally! See you’re being nervous not because you want to beat yourself but you’re being nervous because you want to beat mister ahuja! We always do this, we always want to be at top position and want to lower down others position! But why? Why we just want to lower down others? I still remember when i was kid maa always asked me to be at highest position in class! But you know there was a girl named Ronak, she was the most intelligent girl in our class and always used to secure top position and i always used to be at second! I never cared for what position i gain, i always was keen to learn new things, positions never matter for me but for mom they did! She used to ask me to be at top! but the thing is position doesn’t matters but the knowledge matters for example you got 90% in a exam and mr ahuja gets 90.5% ,you will be upset only because of that.5%! Even today it bothers you whenever Mr Ahuja presents best designs than you! But if you see with eyes open, you will feel that his designs are always best because he wants himself to be best! Your designs are best because you want your designs be best from mister Ahuja!

Abhi: You mean i always design just to beat mister ahuja and he designs just because it’s his passion!

Pragya: Exactly! We all are same, a kid always wants highest marks because he wants to beat another kid! In short if you still aren’t understanding what i m trying to say so i just would end up this in few words! We always work hard because of another person working harder than us! We never work hard for ourselves! The thing we have in mind is i have to beat the next person but that’s wrong!

Abhi: you mean we should always keep in our mind that we have to work hard for ourselves , we don’t have to work hard to beat anyone!

Pragya: you have to work hard to beat yourself not any other person! You have to trust yourself and stop comparing your work with others! All you have to do is believe in yourself! and if i talk about myself than I’ve lived most of my life comparing myself to others. At first, it was school and sports. But as I got older, I began comparing other metrics: job title, income level, house size, and worldly successes. You know There may be times when competition is appropriate, but life is not one of them. We have all been thrown together at this exact moment on this exact planet. And the sooner we stop competing against others to “win,” the faster we can start working together to figure it out. The first and most important step in overcoming the habit of competition is to routinely appreciate and compliment the contribution of others.

sooraj: Exactly Pragya dii is right! Comparing our lives with others is foolish. But finding inspiration and learning from others is entirely wise. Work hard to learn the difference.

Pragya: Exactly! We ought to strive to be the best possible versions of ourselves—not only for our own selves, but for the benefit and contribution we can offer to others. Work hard to take care of yourself physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Commit to growing a little bit each day. And learn to celebrate the little advancements you are making without comparing them to others.

Abhi: You both! You don’t know guys i was so nervous for a useless thing! You guys changed my perspective of working hard! I always worked hard to beat others but never worked hard for myself!

Pragya: So finally you understood!

Abhi: Yeah finally!

Their convo was disturbed by a call to pragya!

Pragya: Oh Tania’s call!
Sooraj: she always disturbs like this!
Pragya: you still haven’t changed yourself!
Sooraj: i won’t ever change myself dii!
Abhi: Okay pragya, it’s already 12 30! I would drop you!
Pragya: No Sir i m fine!

Sooraj laughs
Abhi says fuggy stop it!

Pragya laughs and says let’s go!

Episode ends!

Pre recap: I m engaged!
If you are engaged than i m married


I guess i m much late ? so.. Seriously i m sorry and now i hope i can give you regular updates! Thank you so much guys for comments over last epi and thanks to silent readers too!

Well Happy Birthday Elinor! May God bless you ? thank you so much for the comments! ?

Rose: I m sorry for making you wait! But Thank you so much! I m seriously glad that my thoughts make you smile, and i just made today’s thoughts as pragya’s dialogue ,i hope You loved it!

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Durga: How can i ignore your comment! I know it’s abhigya’s ff so scenes are necessary! ? i will try adding more scenes! Today’s epi was specially for you ?

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Guys i have thought to neutralize this ff with thoughts and scenes! And so made thoughts as pragya’s dialogue! And i have thought to change the title of ff too! So enough of my bak bak Thank you so muchh everyone!

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