KB- My Diary… part 6


Sooraj get up yaar it’s already 8 40 am, we have a meeting at 9 00 am, please get up!

Sooraj: Bhai please 2 mins more, and the meeting that……. Sooraj again dozed off to sleep…
Abhi: hey! Oye, get up sooraj yaar we are getting late man! If you won’t wake up na i would split water over you!

Sooraj doesn’t gets up..
Abhi: okay be here! I would call Priya
Listening to priya’s name, sooraj got up and said bhai never ever dare to call her she is devil!

Abhi: Fine yaar but go and fresh up! Sooraj leaves…

Abhi gets into thoughts: Abhi beta you are gone, why the hell you said pragya fuggy, she must have recognized me, i don’t want her to accept me as fappy, i want her to accept me as Abhishek! Fappy was a kid who was fuggy’s friend and i want to be Pragya’s friend as Abhishek… I don’t know how will I assure her that I m not fappy!

Sooraj gets ready and calls Abhi….
Abhi is still in thoughts: i can’t even properly lie to her…

Sooraj again calls out abhi’s name while checking some files!
Abhi is still in thoughts: Think something abhi, Think!

Sooraj gets frustrated of calling abhi again and again so he throws plow at him!

Abhi : Are you mad? Why you threw this?
Sooraj: I m calling you from past 5 mins and you aren’t responding man! Let’s go
Abhi: you didn’t had breakfast yet!
Sooraj: I will eat something there, let’s go!
Screen shifts:
Pragya yawns and sets alarm off, she sits and relaxes herself by stretching her arms, Tania who’s getting ready for her interview says Dii check what time it is!
Pragya looks at clock and says 8 55, oh God, why didn’t you made me wake up!
Tania says oh Madam you were in deep sleep, even this alarm rang at 7 00 am but you weren’t ready to get up from your deep sleep so i just again set up alarm at 8 45!
Pragya gets out from bed, she wears her slipper and says Damn Fappy was right. He was again and again reminding me of meeting , even i need to meet fappy! Oh ho!
Tania turns and says Stop talking to yourself Madam, it’s already getting late so go and fresh up…
Pragya leaves……

Screen shifts….
Abhi and sooraj reached at office , the staff greeted them! A girl came and said Sir actually Mister Sarna had a urgent work at Italy so he just left for Italy, he apologized as meeting can’t be conducted, he said once he will reach Italy ,he will contact you! Abhi in a calm voice said Fine while looking around, The Girl said Sir any problem? I mean are you finding someone? Abhi said Yess actually ….. Meanwhile pragya reaches the office rushingly and loudly says Fappyyyyy! Abhi gets stunned he turns, pragya just runs towards abhi and hugs him tightly! She says you know Fappy i missed you so much, abhi was about to hug her but he saw staff looking at them so he took his arms back, pragya breaks hug and says Fappy you know i missed you so much, our mid night talks, our endless fights and… Abhi says Calm down Miss Taneja, Calm down! Pragya says how can I? After so many years i m seeing you Fappy! Abhi looks at staff staring them so he says to all: get back to your work guys and you Miss Pragya Taneja follow me to Cabin!

They went in Cabin ,abhi sat at couch and there was a minute of silence… Pragya was about to say something but before that abhi said Miss Taneja was that a way you behaved? Pragya says but Fappy…. Abhi says stop it miss Taneja I m not your Fappy Wappy! Pragya says you are lying! Abhi says but why would I lie? Pragya thinks for sometime meanwhile some thoughts were running in Abhi’s mind: Abhi Good job just make her believe that you aren’t fappy! Pragya thinks: I m sure, you are Fappy! Pragya says then why you called me fuggy? Abhi fuggy? What fuggy? I never called you by that name! Pragya says you did!

Abhi says may be i just said that in flow and by the way i m your boss this is first time i m leaving you for behaving like this, never ever dare to behave like this again!
Pragya thinks: Fappy never would talk like this may be i got a wrong assumption!
Pragya says: Sorry Sir…. She was about to leave just then Abhi says You miss Fappy so much? Was he that much important in your life!
Pragya says not really Sir he was just my friend ,nothing else and he isn’t that much important in my life!
Abhi gets sad and says okay Miss pragya you can leave!
Pragya comes out of cabin and says I know fappy you’re lying but now the only thing you can’t tolerate is My Silence and My Ignorance! Someone shakes pragya and so pragya comes out of thoughts, she looks at the girl and says Priya!
Priya says Madam are you mad? You just hugged sir!
Pragya says priya leave it yaar tell me about meeting!

Priya answers well it’s cancelled because mister sarna got an urgent work!
Pragya says oh well i have much work, i would meet you in cafeteria at 11 30…
Priya answers fine!…..

Time passed pragya had her full concentrion over her work, abhi was desperate to talk with her that’s why he used to nag at pragya for no reason but this time pragya was silently listening to what abhi was saying as she knew that her silence and ignorance kills abhi! Abhi then realised that pragya actually is ignoring him! He wasn’t ready to bear pragya’s ignorance! As time passed it was 11 30 and so pragya left for cafeteria ,abhi came out of cabin to talk with pragya regarding some projects so he asked peon to call pragya! Peon left…. And in meantime sooraj came in abhi’s cabin!

Sooraj: Bhai you know one thing…
Abhi (while checking mails at laptop) : Which thing?
Sooraj: Is She fuggy? Same fuggy who was your friend!
Abhi closes the laptop and says: Why are you asking this?
Sooraj: because i saw her saying you fappy and always pragya di used to say you fappy!
Abhi smiles and says Sooraj time changes man! See i m gonna tell you something so please keep it with yourself!
Sooraj says sure bhai!
Pragya comes and was about to knock but stops hearing this:
Yes Sooraj, she is fuggy! The same fuggy with whom i used to fight for no reason! I used to adore her! Abhi laughs and says you know fappy and fuggy were bestfriends!

Sooraj being excited says bhai so she is pragya dii, oh my God! I m going to tell her, sooraj was about to go but abhi pulls him back and says Stupid i knew you would become overexcited!

Sooraj : so?
Abhi: So what? See don’t you tell pragya that i m fappy!
Sooraj thinks for sometime and says bhai at one condition!
Abhi questions Condition?
Sooraj says i want a day off!
Abhi: Uff okay baba fine!

Sooraj hugs him and says i m going bhai….. Pragya in hurry leaves from there so that sooraj couldn’t see her!

Pragya says so rude fappy! You don’t want me to know that you’re fappy na okay fine now see what i m doing! Pragya again goes to abhi’s cabin and knocks the door!
Abhi answers come in!
Pragya stands silently!
Abhi says any work miss pragya?
Pragya says sir you called me so i should ask if there is any work?
Abhi says oh yeah, i need to discuss with your for some projects!
Pragya : but i don’t want to…
Abhi questions what?
Pragya says Sir i m not feeling well so please discuss them with priya!
Abhi says but…
Pragya says Sorry sir and leaves from there!
Abhi thinks pragya i know you’re ignoring me but your ignorance hurts yaar!

Screen shifts:

Abhi is sitting while writing something on diary:

I m speechless for this word memo! It hurts! Someone special if he is all set to ignore you, you can’t do anything about it! Ignorance is just directly proportional to silence ,where there is ignorance there is silence! Well Silence …. What Silence means to you? It is the loudest non sound in the world! Do you have a special friend that you can go for a walk with, or just sit on a beach and watch the waves? Is conversation always necessary? I have a friend that I can sit on the beach with and say very little. In fact it has been known for us to forget to speak to each other for up to an hour. The silence is what we call companionable silence. We are both at peace with our friendship and each other, rendering conversation in many cases unnecessary. Sometimes silence speaks more! And It even roars! But i m not able to understand fuggy’s silence nevertheless let’s see what will happen tomorrow!

No Pre recap….

Sorry guys! TU is sometimes responding sometimes not so i m late i know! Well yeah guys i know this one is filled up with scenes, i don’t know if it’s boring or not!so please do comment! And silent readers Thank you so much…

Aytac: You found it so much perfect ,haha ??? Thank you so much ?

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Guys thank you and i have something to share with you and that is i need to pause this ff for some days but I will be back soon after completing my all so called works! ? thanks

Credit to: SA

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  3. Maahi

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