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Its been 5 days and i opend you today but what to do new office, new environment new staff new boss! And you know who’s the boss the same boy with whom i had senseless argument that day because of popcorns! He is so…… What can I say? He asks me to call him Abhishek Sir not Abhi Sir! I don’t know what would happen if i call him Abhi Sir! Nevertheless he is sweet too ,always behaves indifferently with everyone and nags at me for no reason i feel like he nags at me to gain my attention! Well leave it all, today the thought that engrossed my mind is SELFISHNESS! It’s about being selfish. Are all human beings selfish? From Psychological point of view, isnt it true that all humans are selfish because all humans actually do the things that appeal to their self interest. Like for example, if I want to eat a certain kind of food, am I not being selfish? Actually I have recently realized that from the last many years I had been behaving very selfishly. I made friendship with those whom “I” like. I helped those people whom “I” wanted to help. I was a employee of another company and I left it and joined another one simply because “I” wanted to. So I was always after my own self-interest, it was all about what I wanted. But isnt this natural?I think to be selfish is to be human.

We all work for self-interest. The one who believes that he is genuinely altruistic in his approach is seriously mistaken. To be selfish is therefore not bad. What is undesirable is to not be mindful of moral obligations while pursuing one’s goals. We earn, we marry, we meet others etc for reasons of self interest. There isn’t anything inherently wrong in it. However, we should be aware of the moral limits we are not expected to cross. But when the limit is crossed it hurts others! Because of selfishness we loose so many relations! For example a child when grows up, if he starts behaving selfishly with his parents then? I still remember i was 8 or 10 years old, My mom made something to be distributed into neighbours so i took a plate of vermecillies and went to Aunty Nia’s (our neighbours)house! A boy opend the door and he asked me to wait outside, he went in taking the plate! The house was a small bungalow and i was standing outside of the bungalow ,it’s a bad thing but i peeked into their house! What i saw was unbelievable! I saw a old man sitting over chaarpai( 4 footed woven bed) helplessly without clothes! He was drinking water from the bin, i was about to go inside but the boy came and gave me plates back! I then rushed to my home and narrated everything to my mother! To my surprise she knew everything! She told me that the old man was father of the owner of bungalow and his son treats him like this! I was so shocked to listen that thing! There’s a limit of being selfishness but this man crossed all! Selfishness literally kills the relations! Because of selfishness we treat poor people so worstly than Rich people! And next thing comes to Transgender! To be a transgender isn’t crime but the way we treat transgender is a crime! Transgenders are so trustworthy yet we behave so wrongly with them! Why should we blame them for their situation? We have became so selfish that beside male and female, we think transgender shouldn’t be treated equally!

Like everyone transgender want themselves to be equally supported! But our selfishness as a society is stoping them! My Boss Abhi ,he treats them equally and i like him for this! But this selfishness reminded me of a boy who used to be my neighbour later he went boarding school, you know diary what I used to call him Fappy (Fat+Happy),he used to be always happy and he was so fat! He was also a selfish Person! …

Pragya: who’s calling this time? It’s so late, wait diary let me attend the call
Pragya attends the call and says Hello!
The next person:Hey Pragya!
Pragya:Abhishek Sir?
Pragya: Anywork sir?
Abhi thinks for sometime and says Actually i need to tell you that there’s a meeting tomorrow at 9 00 am sharp, so u need to arrive early! Pragya answers Sir you have reminded me this 100 of times , i think i m not gonna sleep today!
Abhi: Actually ,it’s because you are a person who wakes up at 12 00 pm, so you need a reminder!
Pragya was about say something but abhi cuts her off: Okay Fuggy don’t be late, bye take care with this he ends call!
Pragya thinks for a while and says Fappy? Wait wait wait Is he the One? No! Everything has a link here! His senseless arguments with me, getting a job easily in this famous company, his smile, his eyes! He is Fappy! He! Oh My God, how the hell i forgot him! But he looks so fit, he was fatty and now! I m stunned! He is….. That’s why he used to nag at me for no reason! So Fappy i got you now you’ll see what i will do!
Screen freezes at pragya’s happy face!
Pre recap: No I m not Fappy wappy!

Hey guys! Today i wanna tell you something and that is this whole epi is filled up Real stories! When I was a kid, i did saw thr old man in that condition! And i don’t know why the hell his son treats him like this! The son was a doctor ,so was my father! My father and other neighbours ,they all many times made the man understand to not treat his father like this but still the man didn’t changed himself! Don’t know if the old man is still suffering or not! But this selfishness was really worst one and about meeting a transgender! I did met, she was employee at bank, when i went there i had to wait for sometime and in this sometime i don’t know how but easily i started talking to her! She was seriously sweet and then this thing arose in my mind that To be a transgender isn’t their mistake! Our selfishness is a mistake! Well guys Thank you so so so much for the comments at previous update!

Aytac: Thank you so much ? and yeah do tell me how you found this update, as this selfishness thought arose in your mind! thanks for sharing it with me! I hope i wrote it the way you wanted!

Mukund Raj: I don’t know i mean if you want this SS filled up of scenes i can! So i have thought to make my next update full of scenes!

Aaushi Jain: Thank you so much.

Nonosh: haha, i even don’t know how these thoughts pop up in my mind ,even when people say i m brainless ?? so i think you can also write any story! and yeah Thank you so much ?

Nannu: Always loved your comment, Thank you so much ?

Trisha: Thank you so much ?

Prathi: Thanks for telling that you’re finding it boring so i hope too that i can add some scenes in next update of mine! ?

Maahi: I have no reply to your comment all i want to say is Thank you so much! your each comment encourages me, you’re magical! and yes i said just be yourself but what if someone isn’t enjoying my update so i need their thoughts too ? Thank you so much….

Durga: Thank you so much ?…

Riyadcruz: Thanks for finding my thoughts awesome ?

Elinor: Yeah i understand! ? so Thank you so much! ?

Varsha: Your comment really was deep! Thank you so much ?

Abhigya: Thank you so much for Finding it perfect! ??

Surbhi: You’re never late ? Thank you so much ? seriously loved your comment!

Reshma: Yeah i was waiting for your comment , Thank you so much! ?

Maya: Thank you so much for reading the update! ?

Okay guys do comment and again Thank you so much to silent readers too! Got a thought and That is Silence ?? would come up with this soon! Thank you

Credit to: SA

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  1. Yr,kiya kahu u made me speechless.I seriously have no words.ik dum perfect.Mujhe phele hi pata tha ke tum na iss ko perfect se bhi perfect likho gi.And as usual u did it.Hr ik cheez perfect tab hoti hai jub wo fake nahi balke real ho and reality is the best way to explain.?And sadly this is the bitter reality of our society transgender seriously pata nahi why people behaves so rude with them as it is their mistake.But u have explain it damn …………(no words).I think this diary is perfect.?luv u so much………..?????????????????????I salute u for writing this..

  2. Maya

    Its very true! Being transgender is not their mistake at all! Everyone are god’s unique creation and its the mistake of narrow minded people in not accepting them. As usual your writing is perfect and the issue that u are trying to say is beyond perfection. Writers like u are inspiring me to write something based on reality! And I have made my mind to do that in my next ff! Abhigya: Destiny and its new games! I was hesistant at first to talk about a reality based issue but now your writing made me confident to venture out of my imagination. Let’s see how it works? I have thank both u, Surbhi and all those who inspired me to take this decision?? and coming back to your update….Amazing ! Awesome and its a exceptionally exceptional piece! ??

  3. Awesome update!!!! Nd what u said is really true being a transgender is not at all their mistake…but sadly society behaves badly with them…..u have explained everything so perfectly…loved it…..

  4. Maahhi

    Nd today i am mouth struck to say anything girl how do u get these incredible thoughts vell c i am such a flibbertigibbet saying tht how do u get ,bcoz ur r a cmplte personality right then wat is the need of getting it as u r already filled with them…fine i hv a lott of things to tell u tht hw much u hv effected me with dizz but still i vil end up with a drop in the ocean……..Selfishness my god nvr knew tht dizz single word has an elaborating thought v always stay selfish to ourselves to satisfy our needs v stay selfish fr our family ven compared to society but smetimes v hurt our parents bcoz of our selfishness forgetting tht our existence is possible nly bcoz of them v nvr care fr those parents who sacrificied their evrything fr our smile but the incident which u shared was heart wrenching i pity on such children who cant value their parents nd yaar ur thought of transgender is soo true ya ven v hv the fear of hurting our cogender thn y cant v hv the same fear fr them to afterall they to hv heart it may also get hurt nd i wonder tht how the transgender still keep quiet at diz may b they nvr care abt such stupid things nd thts the best way indeed nd today i found smthng fr uuu My incredible fr uu is changed to PURE yaaa ur Pure hearted than being incredible human how all these issues strike ur mind i really wonder nd me being “I”is selfish now to c the masterpiece behind dizzz pure thoughts hope one day i vil c uu nd i must b thankful to ur mom bcoz EVRY MOM GV BIRTH TOBA CHILD BUT UR MOM GV BIRTH TO A LEGEND nd i mean itt Ur a Legend dr bcoz legend is nt smeone who does great actions but a person who is filled with pure thoughts nd dizz wat uu afterall our thoughts reflect our actions right nd fappy was funny fr me nd i wish dizz Legend to pull the screen on her identity bcoz the one who is beyond perfection shld nvr b behind the screen hope i didnt hurted uuu ifsoo srrry dr Ur smthng Pure as a little born child smile keep rocking dr fine it’s a bit long but its a drop in my ocean which is filled with ur pure thoughts hope i didnt bored uuuu…vil b waiting fr ur incredibility …loads of love

  5. Omg ur thoughts r really pure like Ganga…………..awesome yaar……..I m very haapppyyyy to read it ff……thanks for giving such a wonderful thoughts to me through ur ff………


    I think above comments are so long so u have no need to speak and dont expect also because I am at loss of words every line is the truth showing the reality so just have this from my side that is lots of appreciation and lots of love ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  7. nice episode

  8. Nice episode yaar

  9. Reshma Pradeep

    You know what, Its PERFECT AS USUAL…….I think I dont need to say much more…….Bcoz, All were said by others through comments on above…….Actually your thoughts are making me Crazyyyy……..Bcoz,Every night Before going to sleep,I will Surely think abt your thoughts……Sometimes Speaks to Myself also abt it………I love this feeling……Such a Relief I will get through that………& Todays thoughts…….Its also AWESOMEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! Selfishness……Yaa You r wright…..All are Selfish in this world including me also……..But it have a limit………& I feel Really bad on that Old man……How can a son become this much cruel to his Dad????Its just Disgusting………..Your Every point of view are force us to think abt it………..I am damn sure that your Diary is soooooo muchhhh Precious……….& abt story, I like it…….Especially Fuggi & Fappy………..Loved it sooooo muchhhhhhhh♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

  10. Trisha

    Awesome SA???…Well written..Love your thoughts sooo much???….
    We are all selfish in one way or another…but that does not give us the right to treat people in such inhumane ways…especially our relations…
    Transgenders are people too just us…with the same feelings, emotions and desires…They were not asked to be like that…
    People in this world now are really cruel n heartless…We have no respect for relations or for people who think or look different than us….
    Anyway Superb epi my dear…loved it???

    1. Riyashri

      U know I can’t find letters in the English alphabets to make words which would appreciate your thoughts!!! I am now in utter confusion…… U are Incredible or The definition of incredible is U??? your thoughts Hav never missed to inspire and amuse me!! U r like My Crazble…. Well she is My Fav Person who would come up with Amazingggggggg thoughts and she do Inspire me with each and every update of hers!! I fe like U r My Crazble’s Twin Sis!! Who knows maybe u r one too…So Sissy I would call u As Diya (light) U r the Brightest and Prettiest Light to Me…… U Hav Become An Inspirational Shining Star to Me!! I respect each and every thought of yours truly and would never ever forget it Forever!! Hats off to your writing!! Love u Loads!!
      Note: I tried commenting lots of times in your last updates but as I was facing problem in TU I couldn’t….
      As Your thoughts are Rocking My Life….. Everything was just Amazingggggggg To the Core!! Love u Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much Diya!!Hope u don’t mind ne calling u like that!
      Finally I would like to tell a finishing Line…..My Diya Brings Light In this Riya’s Life!! So each and every day without reading your diary makes me toooo sad and upset….So I start My day Reading Your Thoughts… today too….and Everyday too!!!! Once again Love u Loads Forever and Ever!!!

  11. Riyashri

    That shouldn’t have been a reply to Trisha ….. It’s My comment to SA di …. Sorry for the confusion !!

  12. Prathi

    Hey It’s actually awesome!!! Loved reading it

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