KB- My Diary… part 4

a special person!

It makes me wonder why aren’t we born individualy? Why are we born in a family? that’s most stupid thought i have got! We have family and that’s what I call Blessing! A pure blessing! Family isn’t only of the blood relations these are the people around you! We beside family members have got so many special persons in our lives! That’s so cool. We have i guess many special persons in our life! Many? Yeah take a minute and ask yourself who is a special person who crossed your mind while reading this? The special person who crossed your mind is the one whom you love most or he/she loves you the most? Confusing it is! I mean confusing in that way, that how is he/she special to you? Don’t know how but atleast we all have special persons in our lives! Thinking about them gives a instant smile at your face ,your face literally glows up when you think about that person! Sometimes we also want to be special person in someone’s life! We want to be a ray of light in someone’s darkness! And according to it we change ourselves but the truth is when you want to be special ,don’t change yourself according to others expectations! We always get a wrong idea about being special person in someone’s life and that is we try to not be real version of ourselves we try to be version of someone else and that is worst thing in us! Be Special but first of all be special to yourself! if you are not imitating anyone then you are a special person in your own right. Here comes a thing we all want to be a special person who is admired and loved by all but very few people are treated as special person.whats the reason? Hehe i think i m repeating , Memo sorry you would be tired of getting same answers but what to do, for this question the answer is also same, it is just be yourself! Enough of being someone else! Well it’s another thing but again we come across the same topic and that is SPECIAL PERSON! Why don’t we pay a tribute to special person in our life! They are the one’s who at different stages of our lives help us ,support us! You know when you think about them, there’s a special feeling into you that you actually feel! It’s so heartbreaking when someone loses their special persons! And more than that, when that special person betrays you ,you feel like you are living a lifeless life! You curse yourself for making that person a special person into your life! Thank God i have never gone through such situations but Memo i still feel sorry for those who face these situations! I try to not make anyone special in my life but still i have one girl, i don’t know why but i try to not make any person special in my life yet there’s one person and i met her previous day and she still looks same! She is so cute….. I fought with her for lame reason may be because i thought that she will recognize me but nop she didn’t! Afterall it’s not her mistake when i was child i was like a humpty dumpty! A Fatty child i was! Previous day was best day…… Diary i m not gonna write everything now,lets go into flashback!

FB starts:
Abhi: Are you mad? You just! My Popcorns!
Prg:See i m seriously sorry, i didn’t knew you were coming!
Abhi: Are you blind? Or you don’t have eyes damn it!
Pragya: Seriously Sorry!
Abhi: what will i do with your sorry? Buy me another deal!
Pragya: See i don’t have money, just wait i will call my sister so then….
Abhi: Then? My movie would be missed if i stayed here for some more time, just by me the deal now!
Pragya: See i m saying ,let my sister come!
Abhi: i Don’t know anything! I want it now, it means i want it now!
Pragya controlling her anger: you……. Meanwhile Tania comes and says what happend dii?
Pragya just took the deal from Tania’s hand and handed it over to abhi! Here you go with the deal next time don’t you dare to force anyone like this, i wasn’t having money that’s why i did it! You got it?
Abhi: Yes I got it! i got my deal, thanks! A voice comes: Abhi Com’on noww! Abhi turns and replies coming suraj! He again turns to pragya and says Well Thanks Miss…. Angry young women! Saying this Abhi went away! Pragya passed unknown smile!
Fb Ends!

Yeah she smiled! You know how i got to know that she was same special person of my life! Her eyes! She talks through her eyes but this time her specs were talking hehehe! I hope to meet her again let’s see if I will! It’s so special to meet special people in your life after a long time! I feel like flying in air! And i got to know that Many people walk into and out of our lives everyday, and rarely some of them leave a lasting impression on us! Everyone has certain people in their lives that mean a lot to them, but it really takes a great person to be special to you.I have had many special people come into my life. I already told who’s my special person but i have got many my mother, my father, my brother in short my family even my friends ,they all are special to me!Everyone has a person that they can rely on. You know, the person you can go to and tell them about what’s going on in your life at the time. I think it takes a special person to sit and take the time to listen to whatever you want to talk about at the time. I always found it funny when I always went to tell pragya something I didn’t want everyone else to know and then by the time the afternoon rolled around everyone knew. It was humorous, she never told the things I really didn’t want people knowing, but she always told the things I was just scared to talk about out loud. So, it took a little pressure off of me, because I knew if I went and told her something it would be around to the person I needed it to get to in no time. Special people are hard to come by so when you have a very special person come into your life make sure you hold on tight.We all should be thankful because we have got the special persons into our lives! I think it’s late Memo, now i should just close you and will again come up with new thoughts! Well i wanna tell you something and that is Thanks Memo for being in my life, you are also special to me as i always share my thoughts with you! Byeee!

Pre Recap: Wait Wait, is he the one?


Thank you so much guys and do tell me how should i continue it? I should add scenes too or should just share thoughts? I m sorry for the spelling mistake in title, i try to change it but TU isn’t accepting, will contact them soon! Thank you!

Elinor: It’s fine, you do not get time but it’s really sweet of you and for that Thank you so much dear! It’s always a pleasure for me reading your comment! And yeah no need to be sorry! ?

Trisha: Thank you so much ? i m glad, you’re loving my thoughts! Keep rocking…
Surbhi: You are one of the Unique and finest writer and i m in love with you since the day I read your creativity ? Your comment literally made me smile even more! Thank You so Much WP! Wonderful Person ?

Prathi: I laughed seeing your comment so added a flashback for you ? Thank you so much well yeah abhi is still a small boy doubtlessly ?

Aytac345: I m seriously saying your comment was much perfect! I m glad you found it perfect and thanks for telling me that i actually explained it in better way, because i m always confused over my explaination! Thanks! ?

Tharu: Thanks dear ?
Abhigya: Thank you so much ?
Maahi: You’re my favorite and your comment ??? Thank you so much , yeah just be yourself because in this world it takes courage to be yourself ? and Thank you so much again ?

Aaushi Jain: Thank you so much!

Nirmal: I m in love with your comment, thank you so much ?
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Okay guys, i try to reply all , even i can reply at last update in the comment section but i only get time at night so that’s why i try to reply here to assure you that how much your comments are encouraging me! Thanks to all of you and to silent readers too! Thank you guys! And Now I will tell you who are the special persons in my life! Guys those are the persons who encourage me and so you all are! ??

Okay i think it’s enough! Bye guys ,do comment ???

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  1. Aytac345

    |Registered Member

    Seriously,this was once again perfect.Every line is just amazing.You have explain it perfectly i really really luv it ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????and more than this.This is completely perfect.luv u??

  2. Nonosh

    Huh .and I say to myself how do even peole get ideas and im like well they have brains not like me who can not even think. Of one story.well u did really good job

  3. Prathi

    |Registered Member

    Oh… Now I am same sure he is a kid!! ?? Good thoughts but it’s kind of boring, make memo, kitty thoughts less and add scenes.. It would be amazing!!

  4. Maahhi

    |Registered Member

    well now u tell me how shld I comment yaar bcoz I literally felt tht I am not reading any update but I felt tht ur talking to me face to face but the hard thing was o couldn’t see ur face so now I dont knw my comment would get u the thing which I wanted to tell u abt ur Incredible thoughts but still I try to say smthng yaar I used Incredible fr uu right but ur beyond tht nd I really mean ittt lol I couldnt tell uu the proper word bcoz I am vry bad at literature THE LINE WHICH U SAID NAA THT V CHANGE OURSELVES TO B SPCL TO SOMEONE WAS REALLY CRRCT nd I come across many but I laugh at cing all these tht y shld v change fr others v shld be confined fr ourselves like tht many of my frnds always questioned me tht y I am confined to myself but the reason is I nvr had any answer with me nd SPECIAL PERSON is smthng which drove me crazyyy into ur thoughts nd yaar ur dizz thought made uu my SS-Special S (well u know tht) nd wat r u askng tht how shld u continue ani?? u crazyy yestday nly u said tht be urself thn y ur being other yaar like watever u like nt watever v want I just cant tell uu hw huge impact ur thoughts hv on me keep rocking its a pleasure to respect ur thoughts loads of love


    |Registered Member

    okay I know I am late but what to do this TU was offline anyways what to say u already know that u r perfect wait a minute how would u know okay I got it I must have told u earlier right see I got it and my dear u r already writing diary and that too I am reading and u know I love reading diaries okay so what u have for u is just ??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????got it or not it means the perfection over loaded

  6. Nirmal

    Nice episode yaar…. And sorry for the late… I was little busy…. Waiting for your next thought….

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